Careers at Expeditors


Expeditors International wants to facilitate international trade with their customized solutions and integrated information systems. They want to set the standard for excellence in global logistics through its commitment to quality and customer service.

Product Segments

Expeditors has a selection of core logistics services it offers business to move their freight globally. Here is a brief description of those key services.

  1. Supply Chain Solutions – Expeditors specializes in the entire logistics workflow and structure, overseeing from the planning stage to the delivery phase. The company plans the trade, sources variables and prepares paperwork, makes bookings and guides business through the movement of goods, and delivers on time, providing analytical data for the supply chain cycle.
  2. Transportation – Expeditors creates the most efficient and cost effective transportation option for clients. Working together with important air, sea, and land transportation services, the organization is able to design customized global transportation solutions.
  3. Customs & Compliance – Expeditors provides innovative approaches to global customs programs. As Expeditors is a compliance driven company, they understand and address the finer details of trade regulations and agreements.
  4. Distribution – The most important aspect of supply chain is distribution. Expeditors offers a world-class level of inventory management. With their unified global system, the organization is able to provide real-time viewing of inventory with their cutting-edge information technology.
  5. Risk Management – A very important aspect of global supply chain is the management of risk. Expeditors constructs tailor made solutions designed to evaluate, control, reduce, and eliminate risk when shipping freight.


Several decades ago, two individuals by the name of Peter Rose and James Wang met on Lantau Island and an idea popped up in their head, light a light bulb just lit up above their heads. Along with other founders like Kevin Walsh, Hank Wong, George Ho, Robert Chiarito, and Glenn Alger, they created a new company that would address their dissatisfaction they faced at their then companies with respect to executive decision making and customer service.

In 1979, they founded an organization on those principles of solving all of those issues they faced. They established their headquarters in Seattle, Washington (hence the name, Expeditors International of Washington). The following year, they had their first offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chicago, and Singapore.

The innovative model employed by the firm was to combine transportation services and customs brokerage. Initially focusing on US inbound freight from Asia, Expeditors soon became one of the largest US-based airfreight forwarders of goods and merchandise from east Asia. Expeditors has rapidly grown over the past 3 decades or so, now with over 250 offices worldwide and has more than 14,600 employees. The company is on Fortune 500’s list of biggest companies worldwide.

Benefits at Expeditors