Careers at Eyeview


Eyeview uses proprietary technology to create and deliver impactful advertisements when and where they matter the most.

Customer segments

Eyeview offers solutions for four different business segments.

  • Retail: Increases sales by providing demographically targeted videos, at scale, to increase advertising campaign profitability.
  • CPG: Offers CPG marketers insight into impressions, clicks and GRPs to deliver information regarding sales volume and market share.
  • Automotive: Provides customized ads using their proprietary technology and big data solutions to engage consumers based on the make-and-model of the vehicle they are most interested in.
  • Travel: Delivers travel destination ads at the correct time and place to increase bookings and drive profit.


Eyeview was founded in 2007 by Gal Barnea, Oren Harnevo, Tal Riesenfeld, and Yaniv Nizan. The company founders got together and created the concept for the business and presented it to the Harvard Business School for a competition. Upon completion of the competition they won first place and the concept took flight.

Since the company’s inception, Eyeview has been focused on creating and nurturing a response from website visitors. In the early days of the company they boasted a 20 percent increase in conversion rates from the use of their internal Website marketing campaigns. By 2008 Yahoo, eBay, HP, and Nokia were trying out their services.

From 2011 to 2012 the company’s revenue had grown by six times its original amount. By 2013 the company had raised a total of $19.4 million and expected to grow by the same amount it had the previous year. When April of 2014 arrived Eyeview announced that their ads would now work on Smart TVs, with their software being specifically tailored for Roku and Microsoft Xbox devices.

Digital video has immense popularity and was seen by company CEO and co-founder Oren Harnevo as an opportunity that must be explored. Personalizing television ads by using demographics and their proprietary technology could prove to be much more effective than conventional methods.

In November of 2014 Eyeview raised $16.15 million in investments which was used to continue the company’s fast growth and improve upon the services offered. The company hired 50 new employees in 2014 to meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies, and push their advertising campaigns to a new level of effectiveness. Eyeview continued its hiring campaign to increase its presence in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Eyeview hosted a TriHonda marketing campaign toward the end of 2015. During this campaign they created 8,800 video variations of Honda vehicles being compared with competitor models. These advertisements were personalized based on data which determined what the target consumer was interested in or owned. With their techniques and the results produced, Eyeview ranked 9th nationwide and 2nd tristate on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™.  Since 2014 Eyeview tripled its revenue and hires increased by 20 percent as well.