Careers at Fox Entertainment Group


Fox Group is a multi-dimensional, vertically integrated entertainment studio, producing broadcast televisions, motion picture and other media content.


Fox Group traces its roots back to the merger of Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film in 1935, forming what was then called Century Fox Film Corporation. The newly merged company expanded during the mid 20th Century, bringing on board high-profile talent such as Henry Fonda and Carmen Miranda, largely producing a slate of popular biographies and musicals. The Group moved into television production not long after the end of World War Two and has since become one of the largest producers of television content in the US. Fox Group was recently featured in Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, ranking 51st with an estimated brand value of $11.2 billion.

Business model of Fox Entertainment Group

Customer Segments

Fox Group’s content is produced for various segments of the general consumer market. The Group’s varied portfolio of television and motion picture products includes mainstream movies – such as the Avatar and X-Men franchises – aimed at the mass market, low-budget films targeted at niche audiences, television series and non-fiction broadcast documentaries.

Motion picture content is sold and licensed to cinema chains across the US and the world, before being sold and licensed to national and international broadcast and cable television networks, as well as to on-demand and streaming service providers.

Value Propositions

Fox Group is a well-respected and well-established producer of entertainment content. Its brand is associated with quality programing and motion pictures, working with many of the most popular and recognisable figures within the entertainment industry.

The Group provides a varied portfolio of properties, catering to all demographics across multiple channels. The Group’s content is accessible internationally, with consumers able to view Fox Group content through movie theatres, DVDs and Blu-rays, digital downloads, and on-demand and streaming platforms.


Fox Group employs a range of channels through which it distributes media content to consumers. Primarily, the Company distributes original and third-party motion pictures through cinema chains, both across the US and internationally.

Once cinema screenings have ended the Group distributes its movies physically in the form of DVDs and Blu-rays, which can be purchased online or through physical outlets, and in the form of digital downloads from platforms services such as Amazon and iTunes.

Selected Fox Group movie and television content is also licensed to on-demand and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Additionally, he Group’s television programming is made available to consumers through Fox Group’s various cable and broadcast channels, including the National Geographic network, FX and several Fox Sports channels.

Beyond the consumer market, Fox Group customers, such as broadcast networks and streaming and on-demand platforms, deal directly with the Group’s sales and marketing teams.

Customer Relationships

Much of Fox Group’s products and content are available to consumers on a self-service basis through cinema chains, physical retail outlets and online digital marketplaces, with customers requiring no interaction with Fox Group representatives.

The Group’s corporate and business clients, such as streaming and on-demand service providers and movie theatre chains, must deal directly with members of the Group’s sales and marketing team, receiving a more personalised service.

Fox Group keeps its consumer base updated with developments and announcements through its various social media accounts, including with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and through marketing materials including movie trailers.

Key Activities

Fox Group produces and distributes entertainment media content, including motion pictures, television broadcast programming, and cable network programming, as well as operating its own broadcast television network.

The Group operates through four business divisions: Film, comprising the production, acquisition and distribution of movie content via 20th Century Fox Film and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment; Television, comprising the production, distribution and licensing of television programming through the its flagship studio Twentieth Century Fox Television and networks controlled by the Fox Networks Group, as well as through third-party networks; Sports, which broadcasts live sporting events; and National Geographic Partners, comprising the production of various non-fiction programming and the operation of broadcast networks.

Key Partners

Fox Group’s partners include financiers, marketing partners, licensing partners, content partners, co-production partners, and distribution partners. Much of the Group’s motion picture productions are financed by third-parties from across the world. This includes a recent investment of $235 million in The Seelig Group – a Fox Group financier – from China’s Bona Film Group, which saw the Chinese group take a stake six Fox Group properties, including the Oscar-nominated The Martian.

The Group has also partnered with several companies to produce additional channels and products for the consumer market, including a deal with Entertainment One to launch home entertainment ventures and a tie-up with Walt Disney and Lions Gate Entertainment to invest $50 million in Atom Tickets, a start-up that offers discounted cinema tickets to users via a mobile app.

Fox Group also has licensing partnerships in place that allow Lego to produce The Simpsons branded merchandise and for Dubai-based Al Ahli to develop a Fox Group branded theme park and resort.

Key Resources

Fox Group’s key resources are its proprietary movie and television properties – including major film franchises such as X-Men, its broadcast and cable television networks – including National Geographic and Fox Sports, its brand name and reputation, and its personnel.

The Group’s studio space is also a key resource for both content production and generation of revenue.

Cost Structure

Fox Group’s most major cost comes in relation to the production of motion pictures and television programming, the distribution of proprietary and third-party content, and the development and presentation of advertising and marketing campaigns.

The Company also accrues costs in relation to the operation of its large studio lot, as well as the retention of its personnel.

Revenue Streams

Fox Group generates revenue through the production, distribution, licensing and sale of original motion picture and television programming content, as well as the acquisition and distribution of third-party content. The Company has various methods by which it monetises and distributes its motion picture content. This principally includes worldwide distribution of motion pictures through international cinema networks, with revenue generated through box office sales. Movies are later sold to consumers in the form of DVDs, Blu-rays and digital downloads, available both through physical outlets and online marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes. Fox Group’s movie content is also licensed to on-demand and streaming service providers like Netflix for a fee.

Fox Group also produces television content for cable and broadcast networks, distributing third-party and original content through Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Networks Group, which includes national and international television channels such as FX, Nat Geo WILD, FSN and Fox Sports. The Group’s television programming and network operation activities generate revenue through the sale of advertising space and through the licensing of programming content to streaming and on-demand services.

Additionally, Fox Group generates revenue through the sale of merchandise and the licensing of its entertainment properties, and through the rental of studio space.

Our team

Roger Ailes,
Chairman of Fox Television Channels

info: Roger has served as Chairman of Fox Television Channels since 2005. He has worked within the entertainment industry since the 1960s, beginning his career in 1962 as a property assistant at television station KYW-TV, working primarily on the Mike Douglas Show. He went on to serve as a producer and executive producer at the station, before leaving the media industry to become a political consultant. He worked on several presidential campaigns, including that of George H. W. Bush in 1988, using his knowledge of the media industry to support the marketing and strategy of candidates. He returned to the media industry in the 1990s, following his failed campaign to have Richard Thornburgh elected to the US Senate. He joined Fox in 1996 as Executive Chairman of Fox News.

David Madden,
President of Entertainment

info: David has served as President of Entertainment at Fox Group since 2014. He first joined the Group in 2000 as Executive Vice President of Fox TV Studios, serving as President of Fox Television Studios from 2010 before taking on his current role. This is Madden’s second stint as a Fox Group employee, having begun his career at 20th Century Fox in 1978 as a feature film executive. He left the company in 1984 to join Paramount Pictures as Senior Vice President of Production. From the late 1980s to the mid 1990s Madden served as Producer and Senior Executive at Interscope communications, before moving to the Cort/Madden Company as a Producer and Partner in 1995. This was his last role before re-joining Fox Group.

Gary Newman,
Chief Executive Officer of Fox Television Group

info: Gary has served as Chief Executive Officer of Fox Television Group since 2014. He is also the Co-President of Twentieth Century Fox Television. He has held a number of roles within the Fox Group, including a spell as Head of 20th Century Fox Television, overseeing the studio’s cable production units Fox 21 and Fox Television Studios, and a period as Head of Fox Consumer Products. Newman is an attorney by trade and served as an associate at Lillick, McHose and Charles.