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Grovo’s mission is to educate and empower your employees.


Grovo is a New York based technological Company founded in 2010 by three ambitious entrepreneurs, Jeff Fernandez, Nick Narodny, and Surag Mungekar. Grovo provides SaaS learning solutions that improve employee and overall organizational performance of client Companies. Grovo specializes in empowering technological businesses by aligning, educating, and inspiring their employee base.

Grovo achieves this through enabling high quality onboarding in this business as well as enabling the professional development of existent personnel. The Company employs 60-second simplified learning videos that include a myriad of themes that cater to all modern day employees in technological fields.

Grovo was conceived when Jeff Fernandez received a simple question via text message while he was having dinner with two friends, Surag Mungekar and Nick Narodny. The text message brought the three co-founders to the realization that there was simply no podium in place that provided quick and easy tutorials on technological topics.

There was great deficiency in the availability of simple and comprehensive information in digital/technological topics. The trio concluded that there was no service that quickly and intuitively taught new digital skills demanded by a fast-paced world and therein lay an opportunity.

Grovo was born on that night in a promptly sketched out business idea to keep people in the business world constantly updated on new technology as it comes up through short and comprehensive educational clips. The trio then quickly took up roles to bring this new idea into fruition with Jeff leading the project, Surag structuring the platform, and Nick building the platform.

In the beginning, Grovo’s founders believed that by providing a simplified micro-learning service Grovo would attract progressive and open-minded individuals in the business world who would benefit from the lessons in terms of bridging any digital-skills gaps that they were experiencing.

However, in 2013, Grovo expanded its focus to a business-to-business SaaS model that would include a platform from which lessons would be provided to organizational employees, improving their skills and, therefore, improving overall organizational performance. Currently, Grovo has provided over 9 million learning sessions to organizations across 190 countries, which is a long way from their consumer-focused days.

Grovo received $5.5 million in its Series A funding, which was led by Greg Waldorf. The Company received a further $15 million in February 2015 in its Series B funding led by Accel Partners. In January 2016 Grovo received $40 million in its Series C funding also led by Accel Partners.

Today, from a simple dinner-date idea by three friends to spreading knowledge to the world, Grovo has grown to into an immensely successful Company that has an employee base of roughly 200 personnel and annual revenue of $11.7 million. Grovo is not simply a story of corporate success; it’s an inspirational story of reward in a noble cause, a story of seizing opportunities wherever and whenever they may present themselves.

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