Careers at Guardant Health


Guardant Health uses digital sequencing technology to provide accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment, and has provided a breakthrough in liquid biopsy which has been used to test tens of thousands of samples. They push the boundaries of what is possible with decades of scientific research, laboratory technology advancements, and their liquid biopsy breakthrough.

Good to know

  • Patients: Offers access to new treatment options using targeted therapies which are based on the individual. These options are made available with their liquid biopsy breakthrough, done by taking a blood test on behalf of the patient.
  • Providers: Gives providers a more complete picture and increases their options when a patient has an advanced cancer which is progressing.
  • Guardant360: Provides the service which analyses 73 cancer genes from one blood draw, offering extremely accurate results. Each case is review by a tumor advisory board, and results are delivered to doctors within two weeks.
  • Publications and Abstracts: Guardant Health provides access to their publications and abstracts which forms the foundations for their research and supports the actions of their services.


Guardant Health was founded in 2013 by Helmy Eltoukhy, and AmirAli Talasaz. They created the company with the goal of being a full-service partner to pharmaceutical companies, covering every stage of the clinical process; starting with finding patients, monitoring patients to see which drugs work and why, learning throughout the whole trial.

Guardant Health has been busy creating the largest database of metastatic diseases. This is done so that new targets can be developed along with new drugs based on pathways which are activated in patients undergoing trial.

With around 20,000 patients a year using Guardant Health’s testing services, their knowledge of the disease is growing rapidly while also providing new routes for treatment in patients. As of January of 2016 around 2,000 oncologists were using the tests as well. Also, in January the company obtained $100 million in funding to increase its commercial and scientific capabilities.

Part of this funding will be used to build up clinical evidence that their tests and products provide the results that patients need. Guardant Health continues along its path to understand cancer treatment better, and offer new possibilities for those undergoing treatment as well.

Benefits at Guardant Health