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Gusto’s mission is to create a world in which work empowers better life.


Gusto was founded in 2011 by acting CEO Joshua Reeves, current CPO Tomer London, and current CTO Edward Kim who is also the CEO and co-founder of Picwing. The Company’s main directive is to provide benefits, investment opportunities, payroll services, and HR management services to other companies.

Since its formation, Gusto has attracted somewhere in the region of 200 to 500 employees and united them towards their goals. The Company has offices in Denver and San Francisco, and has over 40,000 clients along with their employees, which guarantees that the Company’s presence is felt across most of the country.

Gusto was a product of incubation by Y Combinator, a popular company that specializes in accelerating the progress of business start-ups in the United States. At the end of Gusto’s (then ZenPayroll) incubation period, the Company had acquired more revenue than any other Y Combinator start-up prior to its Series A funding. Gusto was then able to acquire $6.1 million with the help of investors such as Drew Houston, Aaron Levie, Jared Karim, and others, all top executives in prominent and established companies.

In June 2013, Gusto expanded its services by providing companies with support for payment of contract workers as well providing support in tax compliance. This move automatically gave the company a competitive edge over its competition whose software programs were still too rigid to provide similar services. By August 2013, Gusto had passed the $100 million mark in processing of annual payments.

In February 2014, Gusto received its Series A funding which amounted to $20 million and by the last quarter of the year, it had launched its Application Programming Interface and a new service where Gusto would provide various support for companies. This support included matching any of their employees’ donations to charity, a service that subsequently spread to all of the country’s states.

In April 2015, Gusto received its Series B funding, raising a further $50 million for the Company. This valued the Company at a whopping $1 billion.

Gusto had always been known as ZenPayroll but in September 2015, the Company officially changed its name to Gusto. The Company focused on broadening its vision and it began making efforts to integrate health benefits among other benefits and compensations in its services, which has been a successful endeavor. Gusto’s relentless efforts for self-improvement and self-betterment has solidified the Company’s position as an industry leader and trendsetter.

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