Careers at Highwinds


Highwinds provides customers with a strong internet infrastructure to deliver content to its audience while meeting supply and demand needs.

Business Segments

  • Media: Offers an advanced suite of audio and video streaming solutions, delivering content to users regardless of internet setup or type.
  • Games: Provides a multiplatform system to deliver game releases, updates, and content to some of the biggest names in the gaming industry.
  • Ads: Delivers advertising content while offering fast load times, customization options, and real-time delivery information.
  • Software: Provides fast software downloads with a high percentage of completion, methods to instantly replace old software, and cloud hosting platforms.
  • Websites: Offers fast website speeds, dynamic content, and personalized scripting to present a customized experience for visitors.


Highwinds is located in Winter Park, Florida, and was founded in 2002. Maintaining an extensive global network, Highwinds provides IP services, CDN, cloud storage, IP transit, transport and colocation.

Since 2002, Highwinds has acquired Network Operations Centers in Florida, Arizona, Amsterdam; and offices in California, Brazil, and England.

In March of 2008, the company closed a $55 million round of equity financing which was led by General Catalyst Partners and Alta Communications. These funds were used to expand the Highwinds CDN and Rolling Thunder network.

In May of 2011, the company acquired a $50 million credit facility with Silicon Valley Bank and Comerica Bank. This new credit facility allowed Highwinds to provide evidence of their impressive financial profile. Then in August of 2013 the company secured $205 million in additional financing from Cerberus Business Finance LLC, General Catalyst Partners, and Goldman Sachs BDC Inc.

This allowed the company to position itself for massive growth of its global CDN. By 2013 Highwinds raised a total of $420 million in debt and equity financing since the day they were founded.