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HouseCanary provides comprehensive data analysis to accurately assess the value of real estate investments.

Product Segments

HouseCanary Value Report assesses the values and risks for specific properties. Once an address is entered, a report is generated with complete property details, evaluation of the property, local comparisons, risk factors, and forecasts. The report is presented in an easy-to-read format and is instantly available for an individual property or a full portfolio.

HouseCanary Property Score® provides an understanding of a specific property’s value and its sales history. Users can compare a property’s value against 10 of the closest compatible properties and gain insight into how the property's value may change over the following 3 years.

HouseCanary Appraiser analyzes a property by choosing from relevant comparisons in its area. Reports can be automatically generated for lenders, buyers, and government agencies. Their Market Risk Score highlights key factors that can affect a home’s value. The Comp Similarity Score assists appraisers with finding the best comparable properties. Real estate listing data can be automatically imported from around the country including statistics on crime, education, community, and more.

HouseCanary Pro provides a unique insight into the local housing market. Based on millions of data points, view an asset’s value forecast for up to 36 months. Investors can identify which market type to invest in, choose the right time is to increase or decrease investments and see the consumer makeup in their target markets.

The HouseCanary Analytics Application Program Interface (API) provides comprehensive property and market-based data by indexing information about properties, mortgages, neighborhoods, and more. See a forecast for price changes in markets and neighborhoods. Access a real-time comprehensive data set that can be integrated into an existing application.


Founded by Jeremy Sicklick and Chris Stoud in 2013, HouseCanary aims to provide better predictions and comprehensive data to advise investors in the real estate market. Combining Sicklick’s experience managing billions in real estate investments and Stoud’s economist background and research on financial risk, they developed the tools and software for better investment decisions. They aimed to improve the incomplete data, lack of projections for the future, and limited geographical information without local relevance other consultants were offering.

HouseCanary assists investors in finding investment opportunities, giving mortgage companies a more complete view of properties they underwrite, improving the appraisal process, and helping homeowners manage their assets. Whether purchasing a home for the first time or planning to invest millions, they provide the resources to make informed investments all over the US.

In 2014, HouseCanary took on over $20 million of venture and private equity capital in order to develop their services. While the company is based in San Francisco, CA, a team of researchers work out of San Antonio, TX. Included in their staff of 50 employees are many with PhD level training in mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, and more. Listed as one of the HW Tech100 companies by HousingWire in 2016 for its achievements in innovative technology, HouseCanary continues to change the way investments are made in the $20 Trillion residential real estate market.

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