Careers at Hudson River Trading


Hudson River Trading’s mission is to bring a scientific and technological approach to financial trading.


Hudson River Trading was founded in 2002 by Jason Carroll from Harvard, Suhas Daftuar also from Harvard, and Alex Morcos from MIT. The founders were all brilliant minds who graduated with degrees in mathematics and computer science. Hudson River Trading is a multi-asset trading firm that deals specifically in high-frequency trading.

Hudson River Trading has its headquarters in New York City at 32 Old Slip 30th Floor New York. The Hudson River Trading team believed that aside from a good workable idea, maintaining a culture of collaboration and openness with their customers was what would guarantee the success of their business, an ideology the Company has upheld to date.

Like most startups, the founders pooled their savings and rented an office overlooking the Hudson River, which was the reason behind the Company’s name. The founders were of the view that a fresh, technologically driven approach to stock-trading would avail better results for traders in comparison to traditional stock-trading approaches that are driven by manual operators. The team, therefore, set out to develop automated trading algorithms by exploiting their combined and vast understanding of advanced mathematical concepts.

In 2002 after a mountain of work developing an immense amount of code, the team was ready to put their algorithm to the test and so they placed their first trade, which was a success. By 2014 Hudson River Trading accounted for averagely 5 percent of all the total shares traded on a daily basis within the United States. The Hudson Company had grown exponentially and the team, therefore, wanted to extend their unique stock-trading approach to other asset classes and geographical regions beyond the United States.

The team recruited Prashant Lal, a friend and MIT graduate as a partner in order to lead this effort. Hudson River Trading, therefore, opened offices in Singapore and London that would serve as Hudson River Trading’s operational centers for the Company’s international trading efforts.

Today, Hudson River Trading continues to make efforts to discover and leverage new ways of trading through the exploitation of technology. The Company has roughly 160 employees globally who trade on most global electronic markets. Hudson River Trading has also announced plans to relocate their main offices to a lovely 69,000 square foot office at the World Trade Center.

Developing an automated stock-trading system in a time when most people assumed that the only way was through manual operators is in itself a bold and visionary move. This sets the Hudson River Trading Company apart from other players, it establishes the company as a global industry leader. With these brilliant minds continuously making efforts to push the boundaries, there is no telling what other revolutionary step will come next for the Company and the stock-trading world.

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