Careers at In The Pocket


In The Pocket provides development, strategy, and design services to help businesses thrive digitally.

Business Segments

Harald helps connect businesses with customers with the use and management of iBeacon technology. Beacons provide businesses the ability to know when a customer enters or leaves the area of one of their stores. Harald has its own software platform compatible with iOS and Android and can integrate seamlessly with existing apps. Engineers and designers are also available for customized integrations and additional services.

mHealth brings mobile solutions to health services. Agencies are able to connect with and guide their patients by tracking their health and fitness, providing educational feedback, and supporting them through decisions regarding their health. Patients, caregivers, and family are connected to follow up with health professionals and seek support. mHealth reduces the workload for health workers by going digital with select medical processes and infrastructure.


In 2010 Pieterjan Bouten, Jeroen Lemaire, and Peter Minne realized that going mobile would change the world and within a year turned In The Pocket into a profitable business. With varying experiences in business development, web development and engineering, their goal was to help businesses grow in digital space.

Based in Belgium, the company has since grown to a team of over 70 experts in strategy, design and development. They participate in the creation of products that are used by millions of people every day.

By participating in collaborative workshops, businesses can define their goals while the graphic designers at In The Pocket develop front end and backend software that is engaging and easy to use. Clients include Volkswagen, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Samsonite, Mars International, and Brussels Airport. For these companies and more, In The Pocket has created interactive applications and campaigns focusing on the user’s perspective that generate not only shares, likes, and downloads but more business.

In the Pocket provides a downloadable Annual Report discussing upcoming technology and digital trends titled The State of Mobile.