Careers at Intercare Therapy


Intercare Therapy strengthens families dealing with autism to provide high quality treatment and improve the quality of life.

Business Segments

  • In School: Offers services designed to help children gain more from their school programs through the use of in-depth care, improving challenging behavior and offering supportive therapy.
  • In Home: Provides services which assist children and young adults by teaching socialization skills and improving interactions with activities in daily life.
  • Social Skills: Offers 12-14 week programs for the use of improving the ability for children to establish and maintain friendships, as well as transitioning them from individual treatment to a group setting.


Intercare Therapy was founded in 1979 by Naomi Heller. Her program had very humble beginnings, starting out of the garage at her home and utilizing her background in speech pathology to assist senior citizens. Starting small, in the 1980s Intercare obtained their first office in Santa Monica providing the first building block to becoming a successful organization.

By the 1990s the company began to receive their first major opportunities with school districts and regional centers calling Intercare for help due to the rise in autism. It was in the 1990s that Intercare began to switch its focus from speech therapy for seniors and step into the arena of services for autism.

In 2003 Intercare reaches a substantial number of employees, and in 2009 the company begins to operate with evidence based practices founded on Applied Behavioral Analysis. Spreading more rapidly now, from 2011 to 2014 the company adds an additional four offices to their network of centers putting them at a total of five locations.

Also in this time frame a new California law was passed which required Autism Spectrum Disorder to be covered by insurance companies. Today Intercare has around 400 employees and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those experiencing autism.

Benefits at Intercare Therapy