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Invoice2go is a mobile and web app created to simplify invoicing and expense tracking, all in a single tap. It aims to help entrepreneurs monitor their businesses from their mobile phones and enable them to send invoices as quickly as possible.


Australian entrepreneur Chris Strode created the first version of the app in 2002 when he was only a freelance software developer at Macquarie Investment Bank. His frustration on the company’s invoicing system inspired him to create a better approach towards invoicing and keeping track of sales and expense records.

Strode got fired from his job and immediately started developing a program that met the need for immediacy and simplicity in an accounting software and that’s when he built Invoice2go.

In 2009, the mobile version of the app was launched in the iPhone App Store and was ranked among Top 10 Business Apps by 2011. The app continued to receive global attention as it was consistently one of the top business apps in the App Store in 2013. The application is “cloud-based and sold by subscription,” based on invoice and client quantity which enables the users to create and send invoices, purchase orders, and keep track of their expenses from a mobile device.

The Sydney based company was reported by New York Times as among the few Australian companies that are “that are exemplary of the geographical investment trend.”

In 2014, Invoice2go reportedly received a total of $35 million funding from Accel Partners and Ribbit Capital. In 2015, Greg Waldorf, former CEO of eHarmony and then CEO-in-residence of Accel, joined the company and was appointed as CEO. The company also opened a new office in Palo Alto, California and in the same year, the app was featured in the launch of the Apple Watch.

Since then, the mobile version of the program has ranked number one among highest grossing business apps in 59 countries in the iOS app store and in 9 countries in the Android Market.

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