Careers at Iron Mountain


Being a global business committed to information and storage management, Iron Mountain’s mission is to be trusted by its customers as the guardian of their assets and information.

It aims to work with them to handle the risks and convolutions associated with information management by comprehending, securing and modifying what matters most.


The founder of Iron Mountain, Herman Knaust, had amassed his wealth through marketing self-grown mushrooms. In 1936, he purchased 100 acres of land in New York and an exhausted iron ore mine to get more land for growing mushrooms. However, the shift of mushroom market a few years later made him think of other business ideas for his iron ore mine which he had named “Iron Mountain”.

The post-WWII and Cold war period made Knaust realize the importance of protection of vital information of individuals and companies from wars and other disasters. And so, in 1951, "Iron Mountain Atomic Storage Corporation" was established and it opened its first underground vaults in Iron Mountain. This action was followed by putting up of a sales office for the newly-formed company in the Empire State Building.

For publicity, Knaust made influential figures such as General Douglas MacArthur visit the Iron Mountain as a part of marketing program for the company. Very soon, the company gained its first customer, East River Savings Bank, which stored copies of deposit records in the Iron Mountain.  Other companies soon followed the suit as they began to realize the importance of storing information and records.

In 1978, due to the increasing number of customers, the company opened its above-ground storage vaults. Soon, the company expanded beyond New York market and opened a storage facility in New England in 1980. In 1983, Iron Mountain acquired New England Storage Warehouse in Boston; a very significant acquisition.

However, an even more significant event occurred in 1988 with the acquisition of Bell & Howell Records Management, Inc. after which Iron Mountain became first national service provider in the industry. In February 1996, Iron Mountain became a public company, raising capital, in part, to initiate consolidation.

Today, Iron Mountain is the acclaimed industry leader in information and storage management services, serving more than 200,000 customers in nearly 40 countries on five continents. It is the most extensive information management platform with greatest number of global market clients.

Benefits at Iron Mountain

Business model of Iron Mountain

Customer Segments

Iron Mountain has a niche market business model. The company targets its offerings at organizations wishing to effectively manage records for quick and easy access whilst maintaining high standards of security. Its main customer groups are:

  • Federal Government – Federal agencies or organization wishing to improve information security and compliance at lower unit cost.
  • Healthcare– Hospitals and medical centers aiming to keep records under control, facilitating better healthcare and to improve disaster recoverability.
  • Financial– Insurance companies and capital groups aiming to enhance customer service and improve the retrieval of paper files with secure archiving.
  • Entertainment Industry – Sports teams, film companies and licensing companies wanting to digitalize and preserve their decades-long records.
  • Life Sciences– Mining and drilling companies, and health sciences companies requiring a formalized records management program and removing complexity from records management.

Value Proposition

Iron Mountain offers three primary value propositions: Security, reliability and corporate responsibility.

The company, realizing the magnitude of responsibility of protecting its customers’ confidential information, has made security of information its top priority. It continually brings in the latest security tools and techniques to protect its customers’ data. Major steps for ensuring security are:

  • Investing in state-of-the-art technology
  • Placing multiple security checks for securing data both in transit and in facilities
  • Carefully picking new hires
  • Training new employees carefully and extensively
  • Employing security firms to detect flaws in security system

In the last decade alone, the company spent $170 million on the relocation of records from facilities which did not fulfill the strict security measures of the company. In 2007, the company spent more than $16 million on safe transportation of data and evaluation of fire control system for protection of hardcopy data.

The company has always wanted new customers to have confidence while choosing Iron Mountain. It achieves this by strengthening the trust of its already existing customers and thus building a portfolio for itself which brings in new customers in hordes. It has an impressive six-decade record of information management and more than 95% of the Fortune 1000 relies on Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain is committed to do business ethically and responsibly. It makes best efforts to create an environment in which everyone including the employers, customers, suppliers and shareholders feel respected and valued.


The primary channel of Iron Mountain is its direct sales and marketing team, which operates in over 1000 facilities in 35 countries; it also acquires customers through its website.

The company offers its information management services through its well-built portfolio, social media pages, publications, direct marketing campaigns, and advertising etc.

Customer Relationships

Iron Mountain’s customer relationship is primarily of a personal assistance nature. Assistance is provided to customers in the form of employee-customer interaction either during sales, after sales, and/or both.

In some cases, there is dedicated personal assistance as well where the where a sales representative is tasked to look after all the requirements and questions of a special set of clients.

Key Activities

The company’s key activities include data management, records storage, disaster recovery, secure shredding and technology escrow services.

Key Partners

Iron Mountain has partnered with industry-leading companies to strengthen their security, compliance and off-site data protection services, providing one-stop data storage and security solutions.

Their new strategic partnership program provides business partners access to their storage expertise, brand-recognized security offerings and extensive client base to grow their business.

Key Resources

The main resources of Iron Mountain are its human resources. They include over 25,000 employees who work in 1000 different facilities in over 35 countries. They also include experienced sales and marketing staff.

Cost Structure

Iron Mountain’s cost structure is value-driven; which offers a premium proposition with employment of frequent enhancements to its product offerings. Its biggest cost driver is cost of sales, a variable expense.

Other major drivers are in the areas of upgrading security system, getting the latest technology, sales/marketing, and administration.

Revenue Streams

Iron Mountain has only one revenue stream: it generates its revenue from the company it renders its data management/records storage/ secure shredding /technology escrow services to.

Pricing for its services depends upon two things: the type of service rendered and the magnitude of the customer’s database.

Our team

Willian Meaney,
Chief Executive Officer & President

info: Willian is the board director of Iron Mountain. He also served as the CEO of The Zuellig Group for 8 years (2004-2012) during which the sales of the company tripled. He had also remained in the airline industry for many years.

Rod Day,
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

info: Rod has also served as the Senior Vice President for Iron Mountain. He holds an MBA from London business School and a degree in Economics from The Cambridge University.

Tasos Tasolakis,
Executive Vice President, Global Services and Chief Information Officer

info: Tasos joined Iron Mountain as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

Marc Duale,
President, International

info: Marc oversaw company’s business in Europe prior to being appointed the President, International. He holds a degree in engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Prior to serving in iron Mountain, Duale served in DHL and Reuter.

Ernest W. Cloutier,
Executive Vice President, U.S. Federal, Security and Legal

info: Ernest holds a bachelor’s degree from Bates College. Prior to his appointment in Iron Mountain, he served as the Senior Vice President, general counsel and secretary for Digitas Inc.