Careers at ISN Corporation


ISN Corporation aids federal agencies by providing services which help run federal programs. Using technological advances ISN removes fraud, abuse, and waste while ensuring critical objectives are met.

Business Segments

  • Investigation Services: Offers insight through investigative solutions by providing government programs with the human and technological resources they need to perform fieldwork on a global scale.
  • Program Integrity Services: Provides methods to remove abuse, waste and fraud from government programs in order to protect the publics’ best interest.
  • Knowledge Management Solutions: Provides information management services to protect sensitive information and enable their clients to put their enterprise data to good use.
  • Facilities and Real Estate Management Services: Ensures compliance with aspects of real estate in areas such as mortgage, property management, property preservation, and commercial and tenant property management.
  • Software and Application Development: Provides solutions in the area of software and application development. Also offers crucial support for missions in the public sector by increasing quality, timeliness, and integrity of the services provided.
  • Finance and Accounting Management: Offers services which provide solutions for audits and reviews, claims and compliance, bookkeeping, financial assets, as well as many other services.


ISN Corporation has been in operation for nearly 40 years to date. In their time of service, they have completed jobs for over 135 clients in the public sector. Throughout their tenure as a provider of services to the government they have received various Quality Awards, along with Commendations for excellent work in their field. Not too long ago they were ranked 43rd on the Washington Technology Fast 50 and are recognized nationally as being one of the fastest growing businesses of this time.

Through their use of technology to aid government organizations in combating fraud, ensuring integrity, protecting the public interest, and software development capabilities; ISN has had its’ hand in many crucial government projects to date. Through the use of their services investigations can be carried out more efficiently, property management is able to be made more efficient, and a variety of services are provided which improve the efficiency of important projects.

ISN continues to be recognized for its excellence in service, and has potential to improve the crucial programs of various government and public sector programs.