Careers at Istuary Innovation Group


Istuary Innovation Group capitalizes on markets in need of technology companies by partnering with entrepreneurs and experts to meet technology demands in growing world markets.

Business Segments

  • Innovation Labs: Targets opportunities in growing markets to meet the demand for technology and innovation in order to capitalize on the need for devices, and technological infrastructure in underdeveloped markets.
  • Venture Capital: Provides financial support for new technology start-ups whether they are being developed in-house or by an external source.
  • Idea Labs: Offers entrepreneurs and start-ups the monetary resources, consultation, and global connections to turn their ideas into reality and capitalize on demanding markets.


Istuary Innovation Group was founded in 2013 by Ethan Sun. The company works by partnering with innovative leaders emerging into the technology market in order to pair them with lucrative markets which need their services and products. Based in Canada, in 2015 Istuary Innovation Group expanded its offices to Toronto, Waterloo, and Ottawa.

Since the company first opened its doors until now it has expanded to over 600 professionals and partners which operate in Canada, the United States, and China. This expansion allows the company to provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with resources and connections which can greatly enhance their potential.

By entering into untapped markets, new technology companies that partner with Istuary Innovation Group are able to monetize off of demand which would not exist in further developed technology markets. This allows forward-thinkers to put their technology ideas on the forefront of the business marketplace much faster than if they were to compete against some of the biggest technology firms in the existing markets.

Istuary Innovation Group takes an innovative approach toward business by finding openings in markets and monetizing off of the demand. By operating in this fashion, customers in need of devices can be quickly matched with a technology start-up that is capable of satisfying their demand.