Careers at Jampp


Jampp is on a mission to help mobile apps efficiently drive more active users.


Retailers seeking to gain new customers have learned that it is not enough to get consumers to download an app. In fact, if in-app purchase options are not presented to customers at the opportune moment, app downloads fail to provide any return on investment. As time passes, consumers open their downloaded apps with decreasing frequency. However, the latency period varies depending on the industry to which the app belongs. Fashion, for example, has a longer latency rate.

It was with the aim of overcoming mobile attention span shortness that Jamp was founded. Launched in 2011 by Martin Anazco and Diego Meller, Jamp managed to attract $550,000 in seed funding the following year. The two friends had the goal of automatically predicting which app users will buy. The company received its first round of funding in 2015, attracting $7 million in funding. The round was led by Highland Capital Partners Europe.

In 2016, the firm launched Predictive Segments, a software that targets users on the cusp of “conversion” (influence). By using machine learning to analyse millions of daily in-app events, Jampp is able to detect behavioural signals and act in response. By categorizing many types of behavioural events, Japp is able to assign probabilities to events and their likelihood to offer an avenue to influence the user.

An Argentinian start up, Jampp has weathered the economic climate in that country to continue to attract interest from investors. Major investors include High Capital Partners, Endeavour Catalyst, and NXTP Labs. Through the use of its predictive technology, Jampp hopes to reduce the cost per acquisition target for companies with apps. Predictive Segments has been showcased on Amazon Webservices, due to its use of Presto.

Jampp is now headquartered in London and has 100 employees on its payroll.