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Jiff Inc. is an Information Technology and Services Company that helps other companies on their healthcare costs and programs by delivering personalized incentives and real-time data analytics.


Jiff Inc. was founded in 2010 at Mountain View, CA by Derek Newell, who has been leading innovative health technologies and service companies, and two successful game developers who wanted to apply their expertise to healthcare namely, James Currier and Stan Chudnovsky. The three met in a venture firm in San Francisco called Aberdare and visited the same partner.

He then teamed them up to come up with an idea about applying healthcare into mobile technology. The three started with a tool to help doctors and patients communicate better. Then they came up with Circle of Health, which allows patients, their caregivers, and their families to communicate and store medical information and records on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

In June 2013, the company announced the development of a platform for digital health applications as well as a partnership with consulting firm Towers Watson. Now, 20 of the 500 largest companies in the US use the product. Clients like Qualcomm, RedBull and Johnson & Johnson.

The product works through putting all of the employee’s health programs into their mobile platform and giving them one point of access and a place to manage their entire health benefits strategy. Jiff then collects and processes the digital exhaust and inputs it in the digital platform. They pull in data from existing programs like biometrics or health risks assessments.

They have also come up with three beautifully designed products that engage employees to personalize recommendations, incentives, game mechanics, and social experiences. Combined with simple wheel-time reporting, Jiff helps boost employee engagement in health behavior in ways never before possible. This mechanism allowed the company to boost their revenues and increase their investors every year for 6 years.

They have managed to earn a total equity funding of $67.8 million in 5 rounds from 6 investors. Jiff continues to impress us with their innovation in terms of health benefits in modern technologies and they will definitely be a big factor for the future of healthcare.

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