Careers at Khan Academy


Khan Academy strives to provide a top-notch education for free through their online platform which includes video and interactive formats for learning.

Product Segments

  • Khan Academy: Offers tutoring services through a web and mobile based platform free of charge to students around the world. Their services are backed by subject material specialists to ensure the validity of the material offered through their learning platforms.
  • Khan Lab School: Provides a physical location for the Khan Academy services in the format of an independent school in Mountain View, California, where everyone is viewed as equally being a student and a teacher.


Salman Khan created Khan Academy in 2006 in order to provide a high quality education to all for free. The idea for Khan Academy was created when in 2004, Khan was tutoring his cousin Nadia, and started to receive requests for help from his relatives and friends as well. He offered his tutoring skills to a much wider audience by providing tutoring sessions through YouTube videos.

Eventually Khan quit his full-time job to focus on producing these videos, and Khan Academy was in full force. As his idea grew, Khan Academy started to receive donations, and it was categorized as a non-profit organization. Google made an announcement that it would support Khan Academy with $2 million of funding in 2010, and an employee of Google even left his job in 2012 to join Khan Academy.

In 2013 an expansion to the website’s Spanish collection of videos was needed, this need was met with a donation by the Carlos Slim Foundation. Soon after, AT&T took notice of Khan Academy’s success and made a generous donation of $2.25 million to expand upon the website’s services and increase accessibility to the learning platform through a mobile application.

When Khan first started the web-based learning platform the videos offered were only on mathematics. As time went on and the company grew the website began to offer courses on topics such as history, healthcare, medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, cosmology, economics, music, computer science and much more!

To this day Khan Academy offers over 5,000 subjects, and continues to increase in content. The online learning service is backed by subject specialists that specialize in each subject offered through the website in order to provide a valid and effective learning platform to people around the world, free of charge.

Associated with the website is a physical location called the Khan Lab School, founded in 2014, which is located in Mountain View California. The school has a motto “Everyone’s a teacher. Everyone’s a student,” which highlights their view that each and every person in this world is capable of both teaching others, yet remains a student of the life which we live.

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