Careers at Kreditech


Kreditech strives to provide services which make credit readily accessible to those who have little or no credit ratings, by improving the amount of options available to them.


Kreditech was founded in February of 2012 by Sebastian Diemer, and Alexander Müller. Utilizing big data, the company provides credit services for customers with little or no credit score. Kreditech has been supported by ten funding rounds in the past, reaching a grand total of $367.19 million in funding to date.

This funding has been supplied by twenty-four different investors, and has been put to use in improving their big data and machine learning platforms. It is impressive to say that the earliest funding round was in March of 2012, considering the total amount of funds that they raised by March of 2016 was as previously stated: $367.19 million.

The company also acquired Kontomierz, a data aggregation platform, in January of 2015. This acquisition along with the immense amount of funding has gone towards creating one of the most comprehensive credit platforms.

Their credit scoring technology processes up to 20,000 data points per application submitted. This allows customers to take advantage of opportunities which would have otherwise been missed. Moreover, the software which runs their platforms uses machine learning, which continually improves upon the services rendered to consumers. Customers who were once without reasonable credit options due to their credit history can use the Kreditech platform to take advantage of opportunities that were previously unavailable.