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To redefine how brands measure their strengths and weaknesses in a digital world


It began as a research project at New York University. Scott Galloway was teaching brand strategy and digital marketing after pursuing a banking career and having tried his hand as several start-ups. Along with a few students, Galloway set out to understand the new digital marketing landscape.

He picked 100 brands and started to analyse every indicator of the brand’s digital footprint. These indicators include clicks, load time, response rates and ease of use across platforms. After the six-month project, Galloway published his findings, thinking that this would just be another contribution to the study of digital marketing.

Soon after the research findings were produced, Galloway was contacted by many of the companies featured in his report. They wanted to know more about the indicators he used and whether they could purchase his services. This new-found attention was the catalyst for the launch of L2. Galloway’s proprietary software and his research proved to brands that a company’s digital presence and competence could be measured and quantified to shareholders.

In 2010, Galloway officially launched L2 and marketed his new company towards luxury and retail brands. L2 used a unique business model that coupled its software as service function with a subscription service that gives companies access to its latest research and events. The subscription model has worked quite well as L2, staying true to its scholarly roots, regularly publishes research and makes some parts freely available to attract prospective clients.

In 2014, L2 decided to finally seek venture funding and attracted $16.5 million in a round led by General Catalyst Partners. The company’s proprietary technology has also become much more powerful. It is able to analyse over 1,000 data points that provide information on a brand’s digital power.

In 2016, L2 could count 30 of the world’s 100 largest brands among its customers. Its sales doubled from 2015 to 2016 to over $20 million. Scott Galloway has stepped away from the role of CEO, after being replaced by Scott Ernst, and is now the Chairman. The company is based in New York and has around 100 employees.

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