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Livestream’s mission is to unlock the full potential of events worldwide by providing access to a large online audience.

Business Segments

  • Livestream Products: Offers options to reach a large audience through their Livestream platform, broadcasting applications, computer-free HD live video capability, Livestream brand hardware and software, and developer tools to meet the needs of each customer.
  • Livestream Services: On-site Livestream services are offered through training and consultation, small scale production, transmission and streaming, and full scale production.
  • Livestream Resellers: Handles the Livestream products and offers a storefront for products to be sold to customers.
  • Livestream Venues: Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is the Livestream venue which is used for events that highlight the companys’ dedication to providing a service of expressive and technologically advanced media.


Livestream was founded in 2007, with an eye for empowering the worlds’ live events with an online audience. Originally the companys’ name was Mogulus, and it started out as a free streaming service. The founders of Livestream are Max Haot, Dayananda Nanjundappa, Phil Worthington, and Mark Kornfilt.

In April of 2008 Livestream introduced its first paid service. Gannet, an American media holding company, was their first customer and made an investment of $10 million in funding upon trying out the Livestream services. At this time the 2008 presidential election was in full force and Gannet used Livestreams’ services to broadcast the activities of the candidates. Upon completion of the election Gannet was well pleased with their services and offered the company this funding to push them over the top.

Up until 2009 the company used the name Mogulus, it was in this year that they renamed to Livestream. Since then they have hosted channels for New Year, Video Music Awards, The Women’s Conference, Rock the Kasbah, ExploreMars 2015, and much more. Livestream continues on today to offer an audience of over 40 million viewers a month access to the hottest live events all over the globe.

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