Careers at Lumiata


The mission of Lumiata is to harness artificial intelligence so as to improve the effectiveness of health care delivery.

Nature of the business

Lumiata is a predictive analytics company which is marketing an artificial intelligence (AI) engine called the Lumiata Medical Graph. The AI software behind this Graph makes it possible to diagnose and predict the progression of a disease for each individual whose medical records are fed into it, and to assess the likely rate of transmission of a disease within a population group.

The Graph also provides a detailed description of the medical reasoning behind each of its diagnoses, prescriptions and predictions, in the same way that a human clinician would.

The Lumiata Medical Graph is designed for use by:

  • Primary care providers and physicians, who can use the graph to evaluate symptoms; make diagnoses; prescribe medications, procedures and treatment regimens; predict how each person’s health is likely to evolve over time; and determine when future care interventions are most likely to be needed;
  • Managers of group health organizations, who can obtain individualized predictions with clear clinical reasoning about the health of each person in the group; and
  • Digital health providers, who can plug the graph into a wide variety of applications.


Lumiata was founded in Silicon Valley in 2013. At the outset, the company acquired over 170 million data points and employed over 23,000 hours of physicians’ time to create the backend software for its Graph. This software models human pathophysiology and epidemiology for a wide variety of diseases, and provides the basis for Lumiata’s analytics.

The company has already made a mark in the specialized field of medical artificial intelligence, receiving the accolade of Cool Vendor in Smart Machines from Gartner in April 2014. In addition to building up clientele for its Graph, Lumiata stays on top of what’s new in the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and publicizes innovative ideas on its website.

Benefits at Lumiata