Careers at Managed By Q


Managed by Q is a commercial cleaning company with a difference. Its mission is to make it easy to maintain an office.

Service segments

Q Operators offer the following services at flat hourly rates. Operators undergo a rigorous vetting and training process before being hired and all are certified, insured and bonded company staff. The company also provides clients with a Cleaning Kit and a Smart Office Supplies Kit on a subscription basis, based on cleaning hours. All its cleaning solutions are nontoxic and biodegradable.

  • Cleaning Services: Cleaners keep office premises squeaky clean on a regular schedule or on-demand. Assistants perform light tasks such as replenishing supplies, restocking bathrooms, light cleaning, setup and break down for events, tidying up after lunch, and resetting conference rooms throughout the day.
  • Maintenance Services: Helpers perform services such as furniture assembly and moving, light artwork hanging, light bulb changing, and packing & unpacking. Handymen help with bigger projects such as mounting, carpentry, basic plumbing and basic electrical work.
  • Specialized Services: Managed by Q can connect a client with one of its vendor partners in specialties like HVAC, appliance repair, pest control, IT services, carpeting, security, and waste management.


Managed by Q’s services are similar to those of its competitors, but its method of delivery is unique. Each client gets access to a personal online Dashboard which can be used to request services, communicate with Operators, track hours worked and tasks completed, make payments and provide feedback.

Managed by Q came to life in 20 offices in New York City in March 2014, and in April the company began beta testing its Operating System for Offices. Led by Saman, one of Q’s co-founders, the design team had carefully studied all the tasks required to maintain an office before programming the Dashboard. This powerful systems management technology is cost-effective and easy to use, making Managed by Q an attractive option for comprehensive office maintenance.

Benefits at Managed By Q