Careers at Mapbox


Mapbox strives to provide developers with strong tools in order to advance the way the world navigates.


Mapbox offers three membership levels.

  • Starter: Offers a map customization and delivery platform with access to public and free websites, as well as mobile apps.
  • Premium: Builds off of the previous plan offering access to commercial apps, paid apps, asset tracking, with additional features.
  • Enterprise: Builds off of previous plans offering access to Enterprise SLA, unlimited storage, over 2,400 geocode requests per minute, with additional features.


Mapbox was started in 2010 by a small team in Washington, DC, using open source technology. In the early days of the company they invested their time mapping diseases such as Malaria as it spread across Africa, and providing ground coverage of the Afghanistan elections.

In 2011 a series of improvements were added to the service. Tom MacWright and Justin Miller developed a cross-platform map transport format that allowed access even when offline.

Following this the map design studio was added, and is launched. By June of the same year, AJ Ashton develops CartoCSS styles providing street-level cartography using OpenStreetMap data, theses styles are now open source and available on GitHub.

Plans starting as low as $5 a month are available to organizations of any size by December of 2011, allowing them to publish maps immediately.

In September of 2012 Mapbox received a $575,000 grant to supplement their services, and thousands of users are utilizing their services. This grant was made possible because of their newly formed partnership with Knight to improve upon the OpenStreetMap infrastructure.

In October of 2013 Mapbox obtained $10-million in funding from Foundry Group during the Series A funding round. Then during the Series B funding round the company obtained $52.6-million in funding from seven different investors. To this date Mapbox supports multiple businesses in many industries with their innovative map making service.

Benefits at Mapbox