Careers at Maple


Maple provides top-quality food right to your door from talented chefs in the New York area. Menus rotate on a daily basis providing unique food options to individuals and businesses.

Product Segments

  • Maple Online: Provides access to the food delivery service directly through the website with a variety of options to choose from.
  • Maple for IOS: Offers access from the convenience of iOS devices allowing orders to be made on-the-go.
  • Maple for Android: Offers access from the convenience of Android devices providing orders on-the-go to a large base of mobile users.
  • Business: Provides business accounts so employees can contribute toward their meals, and offers catering services for businesses as well.


Maple was founded in 2014, by Akshay Navle, and Caleb Merkl. The goal behind the company is to pair top chefs with the technological and logistical advancements which make it possible to reach customers all over the New York area. By pairing these chefs with the means to reach customers, meals made with the best ingredients can be enjoyed every day, while also fitting into the busy lives of New Yorkers.

The Maple platform presents customers with three menu options. After choosing a dish, it is delivered in thirty minutes or less. Maple prepares and delivers the food itself, including sourcing of the individual ingredients for their meals. The menus are slightly limited to provide an easier choice, but rotate daily to provide unique choices on a daily basis.

Each meal offered costs a flat rate of $12 for lunch and $15 for dinner. This means that customers can order with confidence knowing that the taxes, tip, and delivery fee is included. By creating smart delivery systems, providing locally sourced ingredients, offering quality meals prepared by talented chefs, and removing the need for a centralized location; Maple provides a practical delivery service tailored to the busy lives of New Yorkers.