Careers at Metromile


Metromile’s mission is to empower drivers by creating a more connected and informed car ownership experience.


The modern urban-dweller uses a variety of ways to get around. If he or she owns a car, it is very likely that the car is just one option for transportation among many. Given the variability of use, one wonders why auto insurance remains inflexible, treating your car as a primary mode of transport and not taking into account frequency of use. With pay-per-mile insurance and a smart driving app, Metromile was founded to make car ownership less costly.

Metromile was founded in 2011 in Redwood City, California by David Friedberg and Steve Pretre. Dan Preston is currently CEO of the company and Friedberg sits as chairman of the board. Friedberg and Pretre originally launched the company in Oregon due the state’s insurance laws, which allow for experimentation.

Before starting Metromile, Pretre, a data scientist, already had experience working with companies with a major insurance component. By 2014, Dan Preston, who was CTO of AisleBuyer, took over as CEO of the company. Part of Metromile’s mission shifted from simply getting people to drive less to providing a fair rate for customers.

Metromile underwent its first round of investment funding in 2012, bringing in $4 million. This was followed by a second round in 2013, which brought in $10 million. Its Series C round led to $38.4 million in investment. Metromile’s largest round of funding was in September, 2016, when eight investors put forward $153.1 million in funding.

In September 2016, Metromile acquired Mosaic Insurance Alliance for an undisclosed amount. Angela Hiatt is the Director of Product Management at Metromile and Jose Mercado has joined as VP of Engineering. Board members include Krishna Kolluri of New Enterprise Associates and Neil Rimer of Index Ventures.