Careers at Miles Technologies


Miles Technologies seeks to provide innovative technologicial solutions for businesses, and increase the effectiveness of these systems to provide a more functional business environment.

Business Segments

  • IT Systems: Offers a three step process to plan, install, and support the installed information system for businesses to assist day to day business operations.
  • Software: Provides a three step process which designs, creates, and improves upon the software system built to increase productivity and stimulate growth.
  • Digital Marketing: Provides a three step process which plans, activates, and provides result driven marketing strategies designed to reach a lucrative audience of customers.
  • Web Design: Offers a three step process which conceptualizes, implements, and engages customers through an interactive web based platform.


Miles Technologies started in 1997 when Chris Miles amassed all of the knowledge he obtained through his interest in computers at a young age, and made it into a functional business model. Since the age of twelve Chris Miles had an interest in computers and was programming in the BASIC programming language. Some years later, after leaving his construction job, Chris began to implement his skills in the field of computer aided design and developed construction projects using his compact computer in 1986.

Miles Technologies was a business started from the passion which Chris has for computers. He felt as if computers were capable of much more than just the basic tasks people were using them for. This passion grew into the lucrative technological solutions company that it is today.

With their sights on the future, Miles Technology offers services and advice which improves the technological infrastructure of businesses and offers innovative solutions. Through their four service offerings, customers can improve upon existing IT systems or implement a completely new one, provide effective software for business needs, create effective digital marketing strategies, and implement customer friendly websites for customer interactions.

Benefits at Miles Technologies