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MobilityWare’s mission is to create fun and engaging experiences that unleash the gamer in everyone.


MobilityWare was founded in 1990 as ‘Upstanding’ by Dave Yonamine and John Libby who were former employees of Unysis, a veteran global information technology company. Upstanding was founded as a communication software company that dealt in the integration of mainframe computer systems. MobilityWare was later founded in 2003 as part of Upstanding with its headquarters in Irvine, California. MobilityWare had its first office in a garage but despite this, the Company has grown to become one of the world’s most successful gaming companies with more than 300 million game downloads.

MobilityWare released Solitaire as their first game in 2008 on the same day Apple launched its first App store.  MobilityWare subsequently created more successful games inclusive of Spider Solitaire, Blackjack, and Freecell. Aside from games, MobilityWare also created utility software inclusive of HandShare, TapSmart, and KeyLink for phones and computers.

MobilityWare founders, however, understood that while software had been highly profitable and successful under Upstanding, innovation was the next frontier of the technological world and for this reason, the Company decided to place primary focus on game development. This was where real opportunity lay since the market was virtually unoccupied. MobilityWare would generate revenue by displaying advertisements on their games once the users had downloaded the applications.

MobilityWare began showing promise in mid-2008 when Apple announced a list of the top downloaded apps from the Apple App store. MobilityWare apps had five slots in the top 100 most download applications. MobilityWare has since expanded its focus to Android App stores, developing applications such as graBLOX, a dangerously challenging puzzling game with a 4.3 star rating.

By 2014, MobilityWare had grown so much that the Company needed a new office space and moved in to a new 17,000 square foot and later in August 2015, the Company appointed Jeff Erle as the CEO. A little later in 2015, MobilityWare expanded its product line onto new platforms, for example, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

In 2016, MobilityWare outgrew their office space once again and moved to a new 36,000 square foot space. The Company has won the Orange County's Best Places to Work title by the OC Business Journal and OC Register for the past two years in a row. The Company currently has annual revenue of about $1 million and an employee base of about 71 personnel. With MobilityWare’s main focus still on creation and innovation, the best out of this Company is yet to come and they may just surprise the world again with more awesome and addictive games to rival the success of Solitaire.

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