Careers at Monro Muffler Brake


To provide customers with superior maintenance and repair services, quality replacement parts and name brand tires at an affordable price.


When Charles August passed away in November 2009, obituaries hailed him as the founder and visionary behind Monro Muffler Brake. He had resigned from the company’s board of directors seven years earlier. However, much of the success that Monro has seen can be attributed to the growth strategy adopted by the company in its early years.

Monro Muffler and Brake, named after Monroe County in Upstate New York, was founded in 1957 by Charles August. He initially started his business as a franchise of Midas Muffler. He kept his affiliation with Midas for nine years, until he saw an opportunity to expand the range of products and services offered. Given the constrictive nature of being a franchisee, August decided that it was best to part ways with Midas and launch his own brand. In 1966, August changed the name of the business to Monro Muffler and brought his brother on board as a business partner.

The new company expanded its offerings and pursued a steady expansion strategy. When the company added brakes to its service offerings, the official name was changed to Monro Muffler Brake. By 1977, the firm had 20 stores to its name in Upstate New York. Two years later, the number of stores more than doubled to 43. Through a number of acquisitions in the early 1980s, the company was able to expand to 59 stores by 1985 and reach an annual revenue of $21 million.

The most drastic change in the company’s history occurred in 1984, when August sold his portion of the company to an investors group. By 1991, the company had made an initial public offering. During this time, August remained as a board member in the company. During the 1990s Monro continued aggressively expanding through a strategy of acquisitions and opening of new service locations. In 1998, Monro acquired Speedy Muffler King and its 205 stores. In 2004, the company acquired Mr. Tire, adding 132 tire outlets to its operations.

Compared to its early days in New York, Monro Muffler brake now has a presence all throughout the United States. It now has over 6,000 employees. The company’s current CEO is John Van Heel. In 2015, the company $894 million in sales and $61 million in income. The company’s headquarters is based in Rochester, New York.