Careers at National Money Mart


Money Mart intends to be the one stop shop for all cash needs, offering customers an affordable alternative to traditional financial services.

Product Segments

Money Mart has a few different type of financial services for customers.

  • Loans (Payday and Personal)
  • Check Cashing
  • Momentum Prepaid Debit Card
  • Cash for Gold
  • Western Union
  • Cash for Debit
  • Gift Card Exchange


Money Mart was founded in Edmonton, Canada in 1982 and it started as an entrepreneurial venture by Steve Adam. He, along with his business partners, wanted to make revolutionary advancement in the financial services industry to help consumers shift away from traditional means. To set a new trend, Money Mart established several branches in easily accessible locations outside the usual business hours.

By 1994, Money Mart had over 100 franchises around Canada. In 1996, the Steve Adam decided to sell the business to Dollar Financial Group, an American firm. This is when the business expanded to the US and more outlets were opened in other locations. By 2000, Money Mart had just over 200 outlets in the United States and Canada combined. By 2010, the company rapidly grew with more than 412 stores all over Canada. Their headquarters is now in Victoria, Canada.

As of this writing, they employ more than 6,300 workers.

Benefits at National Money Mart