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NCR aims to provide a range of hardware and software solutions to companies across the financial services, retail, hospitality and travel sectors that enable them to better connect and transact with their customers.

Business segments

NCR categorises its business operations into four reportable segments:

  • Financial Services, comprising the provision of ATM and payment processing hardware and software solutions, cash management and video banking software, and customer-facing digital banking services;
  • Retail Solutions, comprising the development and sale of retail-oriented technologies, such as point of sale terminals, point of sale software, and self-service kiosks;
  • Hospitality, comprising the development and sale of point of sale hardware and software solutions, as well as installation, maintenance, and professional services; and
  • Emerging Industries, comprising the provision of maintenance, managed and professional services for third-party computer hardware to manufacturers, primarily in the telecommunications industry,


MCR was founded in 1884 as the National Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio, and began operating as a manufacturer and seller of the first mechanical cash register. The Company and its patents were acquired that same year by brothers John Henry Patterson and Frank Jefferson Patterson, who renamed the Company National Cash Register Company. The Patterson brothers are credited with expanding the Company through an aggressive sales strategy towards the end of the 19th Century, establishing a sales training school in 1893.

Over the course of the 20th Century, NCR diversified its product portfolio further and expanded further, both domestically and internationally. NCR listed shares on the New York Stock Exchange in 19991, shortly before it was merged with a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T. In 1996 AT&T distributed all of its interest in NCR to its stockholders. NCR stock continues to be traded on the listed the New York Stock Exchange, which records the Company’s current market capitalisation as $4.08 billion.

Benefits at NCR

Business model of NCR

Customer Segments

NCR provides products and services to a range of commercial customers of varying sizes. The Company’s customers principally operate in the following sectors:

  • Financial Services, principally comprising banking institutions, with a focus on retail banking providers;
  • Retail, comprising department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, wholesalers, convenience stores, petrol stations and small businesses;
  • Hospitality, comprising restaurants and food service outlets, and sports and entertainment venues; and
  • Travel, comprising airlines, airports, car rental companies, and hotel operators.

The Company also serves customers in the manufacturing and transportation industries.

NCR’s native US represents the Company’s largest single market, accounting in 2015 for almost half of the Company’s total annual revenue. The Company also reports revenue across the remainder of the Americas, as well as across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and Asia Pacific.

Value Propositions

NCR provides value to its customers through the quality and reliability of its products and services, its established and respected brand identity, its commitment to innovation and development, and the range and accessibility of its products and services.

NCR is a market leader in its sector, and has one of the industry’s most established brands. It devotes a substantial portion of its annual revenue to research and development activities each year, with a view to providing its customers with the most up-to-date solutions.


NCR operates multiple sales and distribution channels for its various products and services. The Company operates a website at, where customers can view the Company’s sales and products. It also operates online sales channels, such as its, where customers can sign up and pay for NCR services. The Company also provides a range of mobile applications that enable customers to access the Company’s services on the go.

NCR also operates its own direct sales teams across its operational jurisdictions: the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The Company also sells and distributes its products through a network of third-party intermediaries, including value-added resellers, distributors, independent dealers, office product retailers, contract stationers, original equipment manufacturers, and online retailers.

Customer Relationships

NCR provides a range of products and solutions to customers on a self-service basis, with customers able to pay for certain solutions, and register and manage user accounts through the Company’s online channels without interacting with members of the NCR sales team.

NCR provides a more personalised service to its customers of more complex services and solutions, consulting with customers over a period of time in order to fully cover the customer’s needs. The Company agrees long-term, multi-year contracts with a number of customers.

After sale, NCR continues to provide support and technical assistance to its customers, providing service contracts with key customers and maintaining additional managed service relationships. Additionally, the Company makes a range of user guides and support resources available through its website.

NCR interacts with its customers directly through its blog and social media accounts with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Google+ and YouTube.

Key Activities

NCR is a technology company that provides products and services that enable commercial entities to connect, interact and transact with their customers.

The Company operates through four business segments: Financial Services, Retail Solutions, Hospitality and Emerging Industries.

It offers customers a portfolio of self-service and assisted-service solutions, targeted principally at customers in the financial services, retail, hospitality, travel and telecommunications and technology sectors.

Its products and services include software and hardware solutions for ATMs and bank branches, retail and hospitality point of sale applications and devices, as well as self-service kiosks and software applications.

NCR also provides a range of support services both in relation to its owns products and those manufactured by third parties.

The Company also offer a range of software-as-a-service solutions, including cloud solutions, hosted services, and online, mobile and transactional services and applications, and resells third-party networking products.

Key Partners

Throughout the process of the manufacture, development, sale and distribution of NCR’s products, the Company collaborates with a number of companies across multiple sectors. These partners are categorised as part of NCR’s Interact Global Partner Program as follows:

  • Financial/ATM Solution Partners;
  • Retail Solution Providers;
  • Software Developing Solution Partners; and
  • Channel Partners.

These partners largely comprise software development companies, hardware producers, distributors, value added resellers and Original equipment manufacturers. The Company also partners with a number of technology that collaborates with NCR across its four business segments. These partners include high-profile names such as Motorola Solutions, Mitek Systems, McAfee, AJB Software, Epson and VendorNet.

Key Resources

NCR’s key resources are its technology and intellectual properties, its IT infrastructure, its domestic and international manufacturing facilities, its sales and distribution network, and its personnel.

NCR holds a number of patents, including 1,450 patents in the US and numerous other patents in foreign countries. NCR also has numerous patent applications pending in the US and in foreign countries.

Cost Structure

NCR incurs costs in relation to the research and development of its products and technology solutions, the manufacture of its products – including subcontracting and supply chain costs, the maintenance of its IT Infrastructure, the sale and distribution of its products and the retention of its personnel.

NCR’s general and administrative costs are its most significant, amounting to just over $1 billion in 2015. These costs comprise the payment of salaries and benefits to the Company’s 32,600 employees, and payment of rent and utilities across its multiple sales and administrative offices. Research and development costs in 2015 amounted to $230 million.

Revenue Streams

NCR generates revenue through the sale of various products and services that assist businesses in transacting with customers, across its four operating segments: The Company’s revenue streams can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • ATMs and Other Financial Products, including the sale of ATMs, cash dispensers, software solutions, and customer-facing digital banking services, in addition to the provision of professional services related to ATM security, software and bank branch optimisation;
  • Point of Sale, including the sale of point of sale terminals and point of sale software, bar-code scanners and other retail-oriented software;
  • Self-service Kiosks, comprising the sale of self-service kiosk and related software products;
  • Cheque and Document Imaging, comprising end-to-end solutions for traditional paper-based and image-based cheque and document processing;
  • Consumables, comprising the sale of printer consumables, such as paper rolls, ink ribbons and labels; and
  • Services, including the provision of maintenance and support services, as well as installation and implementation solutions.

According to its annual report, in recent years, NCR’s has shifted its focus increasingly towards the sale of higher margin software and cloud solutions, and professional services.

In 2015 NCR generated a total annual revenue of $6.37 billion, down 3% on the $6.59 billion recorded in 2014. NCR’s Financial Services segment is its largest revenue generator, accounting for $3.32 billion of the Company’s 2015 revenue. Retail Solutions generated $2 billion, with Hospitality and Emerging Industries accounting for the remainder.

Our team

Bill Nuti,
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

info: Bill has served as NCR’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer since 2005. He is largely credited with directing the Company’s multi-channel development strategy. Nuti also serves as a member of the Georgia Institute of Technology advisory board, as a Long Island University trustee and as a director of United Continental Holdings and Coach. Nuti has held senior executive positions within the technology sector since the 1990s. He was appointed President of Asia at Cisco Systems in 1997, a role he held for two years before his appointment as the company’s President of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In 2002 Nuti joined Symbol Technologies as President and Chief Executive Officer, his last role before joining NCR.

Bob Fishman,
Chief Accounting Officer and Chief Financial Officer

info: Bob has served as Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer since 2010, having previously served as the Company’s Vice President and Corporate Controller. Fishman is a long-serving NCR employee having worked at the Company for more than 20 years. During this time, he has held a number of financial positions, including spells as Corporate Controller, Assistant Controller, Vice President of Corporate Planning, Chief Financial Officer of Payment Solutions, and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions. Prior to joining NCR, Fishman worked for seven years at Waterhouse, holding positions in the firm’s offices in Canada, England, and Germany. Fishman holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, is a qualified chartered accountant, and has earned a Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the Association for Investment Management and Research.

Eli Rosner,
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

info: Eli has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NCR since 2015. He first joined the Company in 2011 as Global Vice President for the Software Engineering and Research and Development, and went on to be appointed Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product Management for the Retail Division in 2013. Prior to joining NCR, Rosner held a number of senior leadership roles for several large corporations. This includes spells as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Management and Engineering at Autodesk Location Based Services; Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Development, and General Manager of International Operations at Mitchell International; and Vice President and Chief Business Delivery Officer for the Americas, and Vice President for Global Technology Strategy at Solera Holdings. Rosner holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Computer Science from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.