Careers at OGSystems


OGSystems aims to provide constant innovation in the technological solutions which they offer to their customers in order to be a force for positive change.

Business Segments

  • Geospatial Intelligence: Provides clients with advanced geospatial systems capabilities to solve some of the most challenging problems facing their customers.
  • Immersive Engineering: Offers the full spectrum of the engineering process from consulting to vision creation, modeling, integration, and management to develop comprehensive and actionable plans for complex problems.
  • Marketplace Exploration: Seeks out the best marketplace solutions utilizing an understanding of government customer needs to create the best solution for the toughest challenge. Collaborates with partner companies to create quick solutions for clients.
  • Viper Labs: Provides an innovation center where new ideas are consistently being created and pursued for the purpose of solving problems before they arise.
  • Training: Provides a learning environment backed by experienced instructors and comprehensive course material for organizations to use. Hands on training is offered to develop competent and innovative teams.
  • Contracts: Offers support services to the United States Navy for the purpose of assisting their indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity vehicle in 22 key areas of operation such as program management, financial management, and engineering. 


OGSystems was founded in 2005 by Garrett Pagon, and Omar Balkissoon. The company specializes in creating systems for the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community. OGSystems also specializes in commercial sector operations, for which OGSystems develops commercial systems and integrates them into business infrastructures.

In 2013 OGSystems made a joint venture with Peerless Technologies, a technology consulting and research firm, to create the Peerless OGSystems Joint Venture. The combination of these two companies greatly enhances their capabilities as Peerless has program management expertise, and OGSystems has extensive expertise in geospatial technologies.

In 2014 OGSystems was listed at #815 on the Inc 5000 list due to their extensive three-year period of growth, during which they grew in sales by 558%. The company is continually developing new solutions and technologies with their Viper Labs, and offers extensive insight and capabilities in the geospatial intelligence industry.

Working closely with the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities, OGSystems develops technological capabilities which are very capable when it comes to solving some of the most complex problems facing their commercial counterparts.