Careers at Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants


Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants strives to offer high quality restaurant and catering services, and excellence in dining experiences.

Business Segments

  • America: Offers American inspired dishes which are expertly crafted and combine some of the finest ingredients for rich flavor.
  • Auberge Du Pommier: Provides a fine dining experience with dishes that are inspired by French and North American culture.
  • Bannock: Offers a hybrid experience which feels like a coffee shop with the full abilities of a restaurant, and delicious Canadian meals.
  • Beaumont Kitchen: Offers healthy and delicious meals with a restaurant atmosphere that encourages lounging and comfort with a touch of sophistication.
  • Biff’s Bistro: Provides an experience which highlights the European culture with inspired dishes which offer French bistro delicacies.
  • Canoe: Creates meals with the diversity of the Canadian landscape in mind, with chefs who work with the farmers and suppliers to deliver some of the freshest meals out there.
  • Jump: Provides a high energy restaurant atmosphere with high quality food and a large selection of delicious cocktails.
  • The Guild: Offers a dining experience which offers a one of a kind atmosphere which combines butchery, a bar, and excellent cooking.
  • Leña: Provides vibrant South American dishes which also contain a touch of Italian and Spanish influences.
  • Luma: Offers culturally styled dishes which are expertly crafted and inspired by the diversity of the Toronto landscape.
  • O&B Canteen: Offers meals with simple recipes and the freshest ingredients to offer a refreshing dining experience.
  • O&B Café Grill: Provides a dining experience which offers both urban style meals and a comfortable and clean atmosphere.


Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants were created in 1993 when Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini partnered up and opened their highly acclaimed restaurant: Jump. From this year forward their partnership has bred a wide range of fine dining restaurants with various themes.

The first restaurant to follow Jump was Canoe, which opened in 1995. Auberge du Pommier was originally opened in 1987, but came under the control of Peter Oliver in 1997; the original location of the restaurant was in a 19th century cottage. Biff’s Bistro was added to the portfolio, and offers a Parisian style dining experience with a modern touch.

Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants continued to create new additions to their network of restaurants, each one with a different dining experience to offer. Luma was created as a lounge with a restaurant and bar. American Restaurant was established as an innovative eatery with American style dishes. Beaumont Kitchen offers meals inspired by the West Coast, and it does not stop there. With such a wide range of restaurants and style, customers of various backgrounds can find a meal which suites their taste.