Careers at Onqanet Technologies


To offer affordable, customized, and excellent web and app solutions to serve as marketing tools for clients. To simplify technology to make it more accessible for business to make their dreams a reality.

Product Segments

Onqanet Technologies is a digital marketing, mobile applications and website development agency. They provide a wide array of services to their clientele, ranging from design and development to mobile app development. Here is a list of the key services they offer.

  • Website Development – Onqanet delivers web design solutions that are brand-centric, tailored to match the image of every client. The solutions designed here are made to transform and revolutionize businesses, enabling them to flourish.
  • Graphic Design – Onqanet has a team of highly skilled and creative individuals who create visual solutions for newly formed startups and longstanding companies. They design company brochures and product packages and inject a ton of imagination and flair into their products.
  • Logo Design – Onqanet converts original ideas into a professional symbol that corresponds to a particular brand.
  • Digital Marketing – Onqanet goes beyond create amazing websites; they also make sure it can be found online. They provide services that ensure a company’s website ranks well on major search engines.
  • Mobile App Development – This organization creates excellent mobile applications for Android and iOS phones. The company has an experienced team of Android and iOS app developers, so no company is left behind.
  • Mobile Responsive – Many websites are designed for desktops but not for smartphone screens. Onqanet ensures that a company’s website is viewable on all screens, big and small. Rather than building two separate websites for desktops and mobile phones, Onqanet only builds one site that can be viewed perfectly everywhere.
  • Support – Onqanet is fully aware that is it difficult to maintain a large website or app. They offer support services to answer questions that users may have. The organization also offers Social Media Optimization to improve a client’s presence on social media platforms.
  • E-Commerce – If a company is looking to create an online shopping platform, then Onqanet is able to convert their website into a shopping destination. Onqanet designs e-commerce websites that include a fully customizable content management system, allowing businesses to easily update their inventory of goods.


Onqanet Technologies was founded in 2015 and is based in Kolkata, India with offices in the US, Canada, and Australia as well.