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Improve how people receive their money.


A payment processing platform is simple enough. Money flows from the business to the bank account of the employee or customer. However, if you consider how value has been exchanged throughout history, you might find that ancient economies based on bartering or other forms of exchange offered people much more value than the option-less form of modern payment systems.

What if the customer or employee would prefer to exchange a good deal on a desirable product or service rather than just receive money? This idea is what led CEO Marcus Börner and his co-founders to launch OptioPay.

OptioPay was launched as a flexible payment processing platform that also doubles as an advertising and marketing channel. Based in Berlin, Germany, OptioPay offers recipients value and flexibility by offering them gift cards or discounts from leading retailers as an alternative to receiving cash. To advertisers and marketers, OptioPay offers an entirely new channel for performance-based advertising and a great way to reach consumers. By marrying the security and performance of a payment processing system with the value of an advertising channel, OptioPay has discovered a formula that is starting to attract investor interest.

Prior to founding OptioPay, Börner had a long history of entrepreneurial initiative and success. After dropping out of university, he founded Rebuy, which became Germany’s leading re-buying platform. That company managed to raise €40 million in venture funding and reached annual revenues of over €70 million. Upon the success of Rebuy and his other ventures, Börner contacted his childhood friend Oliver Oster to discuss starting a payment processing company.

Oster, who was a successful Berlin-based lawyer at the time, was looking to quit the rat race. He jumped at the idea and OptioPay was born in September 2014. Oster brought in another friend, Moritz Claussen, who had collaborated with him on several other start-up attempts. The trio also added two additional co-founders, Oliver Neumann, who became the CCO, and Mike Rötgers, who became the new company’s CTO.

After its launch, OptioPay managed to attract over €7 million in seed funding and the support of major financial institution such as Commerzbank and BIW. The firm continues to be based in Berlin and has around 50 employees and associate experts located in 12 different countries.

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