Careers at Origami Logic


Origami Logic’s mission is to simplify collection and analysis of large datasets so that clients can easily monitor the performance of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Product segments

Origami Logic sells a software platform that offers four ‘big data’ management solutions for today’s marketers. They are:

  • CMO Dashboard
  • Cross-channel Measurement
  • Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Solutions for Marketing Agencies


Origami Logic is a marketing analytics company which focuses on helping clients to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. This new start-up company was founded by three individuals experienced in working with large data-sets to build other successful start-up businesses.

Their goal for Origami Logic is to provide tools for measuring market performance that capture and report on large amounts of relevant data from multiple marketing channels and increase the success rate for the company’s clients.

Marketing campaigns are becoming more complex, the quantity of market performance data is increasing, and the content is becoming outdated more quickly. In this new environment, manual reporting can no longer keep up. To respond to this challenge, Origami Logic has created a software platform which makes it simple for the user to:

  • Automate data collection from every marketing channel and platform,
  • Organize all data in a single repository,
  • Consolidate data from all marketing channels in a common view,
  • Apply a common set of metrics to all the data,
  • Monitor daily campaign performance and track progress toward objectives and goals,
  • Receive alerts of performance changes and achievement of predetermined milestones,
  • Build customized dashboards and intuitively search the data,
  • Find out which marketing channels are performing best and discover opportunities for improving business results,
  • Respond to ad hoc reporting inquiries quickly and accurately,

Build a culture of data-driven decision-making that promotes accountability and maximizes market performance.

Benefits at Origami Logic