Careers at PAX Labs


PAX Labs seeks to improve the smoking experience by removing the smoke altogether. Offering products that specialize in vaporization, delivering a more pleasurable experience to the customer.

Business Segments

  • PAX Products: Offering a wide range of vaporization products from dual use vaporizers to accessories which make the vaporization experience more enjoyable.
  • PAX Mobile Application: Provides product customization options such as temperature settings and flavors options through a mobile app.


PAX Labs was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, in 2007 under the name Ploom. In 2015, PAX Labs sold its ModelTwo vaporizer along with its Ploom name to Japanese Tobacco International.

The company has grown 200 percent in sales from 2013-15, selling more than 500,000 units of its leading product which is a portable loose leaf vaporizer. On June 1st of 2015 the company released the Juul, an electronic cigarette which uses liquid nicotine cartridges.

Using a proprietary blend of nicotine liquid that was reverse-engineered from the tobacco plant, it contains 10 times as much nicotine as other e-cigarettes on the market. With an amount of nicotine that more closely resembles that of an actual cigarette, it is meant to help smokers shy away from the pack and move towards e-cigarettes.

Also in 2015, PAX Labs attained $46.7 million in a Series C funding round from four investors. Fidelity Investments, Sand Hill Angels, Sivia Capital, and Tao Capital Partners were the contributors to this funding round in June of 2015.

Currently offering a wide array of vaporization products, PAX Labs aspires to continue to innovate the vaporization industry by offering cutting edge vaporization products. With its current lineup of the PAX 3, PAX 2, PAX Era, and Juul; customers are able to find the vaporization product that meets their specific needs.

Benefits at PAX Labs