Careers at PlanGrid


PlanGrid’s mission is to radically transform the construction industry.


PlanGrid is a privately owned company based in San Francisco; the Company was founded in 2011 by five creative and ambitious construction engineers, namely, acting CEO Tracy Young, and directors and Company executives Ryan Sutton-Gee, Ralph Gootee, Antoine Hersen, and Kenny Stone.

PlanGrid develops software that store construction blueprints in digital format using cloud technology, enabling flexible, cost-effective, and easy modification of blueprints. PlanGrid does away with rigid paper-based blueprints and markups, which also allows field construction workers flexible and mobile collaboration even when they are in different locations.

The founders of PlanGrid received their first big break at the initial start-up phase from 500 Startups; the international investment firm and start-up accelerator provided seed funding of $1 in May of 2012. In its Series A funding, PlanGrid received $18 million in May 2015 from Sequoia Capital, which is an American venture capital firm based in California.

PlanGrid’s Series B funding saw the company receive a further $40 million in November 2015 from venture capital firms and start-up accelerators Northgate Capital, Tenaya Capital, and Y Combinator.

PlanGrid made great use of advancements in technology and specifically took advantage of the creation of portable devices such as the iPad. Prior to the iPad and Android devices, it was impractical to carry soft copies of blueprints in cumbersome laptops or computers but once these portable devices were designed to match the capacity of ordinary computers, it was perfect timing for the birth of PlanGrid. The Company has a five-star rating at present and is the most downloaded construction application with thousands of reviews.

PlanGrid now has an estimated annual revenue of $20.9 million and it does not seem like the Company will be slowing down any time soon.

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