Careers at Practice Fusion


The mission at Practice Fusion is connecting doctors, patients, and data to drive better health and save lives. They also have strong values including encouraging people to raise their standards, taking risks, and stepping outside of their comfort zone.

The company works hard to maintain the highest honor of integrity, focus their undivided attention on the customers, give back to society, create a positive and fun work environment, and  make it possible for people to do more with less.


Practice Fusion has three different areas of concern when it comes to the business. Practice Fusion is a free web-based EHR (also known as an electronic health record). Their EHR system is able to provide medical charting, e-prescribing, clinical decision support advisories, online booking and scheduling, online referrals and messaging. They also have a lab, imaging, and billing modules all of which are integrated with a third party network.

Patient Fusion is another area of the business that provides a PHR (also known as a personal health record system) which gives patients unlimited access to their prescriptions, diagnoses, and test results. The patients’ records are also regularly updated by physicians. Customer can use Patient Fusion to search for physicians by both their specialty and location.

Insight by Practice Fusion is an area that focuses on an analytic product based on the Practice Fusion dataset. This dataset consists of over 81 million patient records. This analytical product utilizes real time data in order to provide an overall perspective on clinical trends as well.


Practice Fusion was founded back in 2005 by a gentleman named Ryan Howard. Practice Fusion is a free web-based EHR company that is privately owned and operated out of San Francisco, California.

Since 2005, the company has primarily focused its attention on expanding their ability to aggregate clinical data and share it in a way that is both meaningful and helpful in order to make healthcare better in today’s society. The company has a clinical research team that works hard to provide insights that can deliver better, safer, and more efficient care.

In 2013 and 2014, Practice Fusion was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. The company has positioned itself in order to uniquely transform the health sector with a real-time clinical platform. This platform consists of the largest de-identified clinical dataset in the United States.

Practice Fusion’s EHR platform provides service to over five million patients every month and supports 30,000 active practices with top notch tools that are able to deliver superior patient care. The company’s ecosystem of connections is able to help facilitate and coordinate patient care services as well as manage the overall patient population.

Their healthcare ecosystem is the largest in the United States as well as the fourth largest in the world. Their ecosystem consists of over 600 partners including billing solutions, imaging centers, labs, and third-party applications.

Practice Fusion is currently the #1 cloud-based EHR platform used by doctors and patients in the U.S today. The company is working to reshape the future of healthcare by following an innovative business model. The company provides services every day that make healthcare better for everyone, including doctors, patients, imaging centers, labs, pharmacies, health systems, and other members of the overall healthcare ecosystem.

All of these partners make use of the Practice Fusion platform to coordinate their care services and promote innovative programs in order to help improve the outcomes for patients. As a result, Practice Fusion is able to offer an award-winning EHR at zero cost to practices.

Benefits at Practice Fusion