Careers at Quartzy


Quartzy’s mission is to advance science by helping researchers save time and money. The goal at Quartzy is to help run a lab more effectively and efficiently so that every dollar goes as far as possible.


In 2009, Quartzy was founded by scientists in Palo Alto, California. The scientists wanted to create the company to help bring organization to research labs for their fellow scientists. The founders met while conducting research at Columbia University. As time went by, they grew frustrated by the disorganization, poor communication skills, and endless administrative tasks that were associated with research labs. They decided to create an online suite of management tools in order to help make a difference.

Quartzy started providing free services to scientists by having them use an Order Requests Module. The Order Requests Module hunts for cheaper prices on supplies that are requested and if a better price is found, a quote is created and sent to the customer for review. If accepted, the suppliers then pay Quartzy a commission for sourcing the products for them. The customer also gets the product at a cheaper price. This was found to be helpful for both parties involved.

The company also helps research labs by managing their inventories, submitting the  orders, managing samples, putting grant dollars to good use, and purchasing needed lab items though the online marketplace. The company helps the administrators to easily approve/track order requests, organize the inventories, and save money on the lab supplies.

Quartzy has worked most effectively when scientists join into what is called a “Group”. The Group normally consists of multiple scientists working together in the same lab. The Order Request Module then makes it possible for users within the United States to utilize the Effortless Quotes service. This service helps find better prices on items they are planning to purchase.

Quartzy has grown significantly in the past five years through word of mouth. Today, thousands of labs are able to better manage their workflows thanks to the fact that Quartzy is able to combine existing databases, offer personalized training, and is easy to use. The company  has become the world’s #1 online laboratory management system designed specifically to meet the needs of research labs at biotech, pharma, academic institutions, and organizations.

The company is trusted by over 30,000 labs worldwide and is completely free  and supported by marketplace functionality for scientists.

Benefits at Quartzy