Careers at RaidMAX Technologies


RaidMAX Technologies wants to be the global leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to companies. The company does not want to be an ERP vendor but instead an ERP partner that ensures the success of its clients.

Product Segments

RaidMAX Technologies prioritizes in modular ERP solutions that are flexible, affordable, and scalable. The various modules can be subdivided into four main segments.

  1. Accounting
  2. Distribution
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Reporting & Analysis

The company also has several specialized modules that deal with more technical areas. They include:

  • Document Flow Manager
  • RaidMAX Technologies Process Modeling
  • RaidMAX Technologies Workflow
  • Office Automation
  • Contact Management
  • Projects & Contracts

Besides modular ERP solutions, RaidMAX also offers extensive security features. They are listed below.

  • Tailored Security Measures – Companies can configure their system security in whatever manner they like to suit their operating environment.
  • Controlled Access – Standard security features include password control as well as group and operator maintenance facilities.
  • Data Visibility – The ERP Security features give businesses the ability to view all transactional data, such as key codes for warehouses, banks, salespeople, etc.
  • Audit Trails – Companies have access to master data amendment journals and transactional audit trails to provide them with records of data changes.
  • Electronic Signatures – This enables administrators to secure transactions by authenticating the operator performing the transactions.


Located in Kolkata, India, RaidMAX Technologies is a premiere Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider. The firm has over 37 years of ERP experience. Over the years, they have amassed over 1,600 ERP partners in over 60 countries. Additionally, the company provides software solutions and services to more than 15,000 customers all over the world.