Careers at Real Notary Pros


Real Notary Pros ensures a protected, gratifying, and rewarding experience for notary publics and notary signing agents. They want to be the most trusted and reliable partner for notary public officials.


When Real Notary Pros started their business, they faced a lot of stiff competition in a market filled with several hundred competitors. However, that did not deter them from offering their services at a very competitive rate. In addition, the company provides the best training and certification programs for attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals in the industry.

When Real Notary Pros started their business several years ago, they had neither the knowledge nor the experience of a notary public at their firm. They entered this industry with only a practical and fundamental approach. They worked alongside a business partner who worked at Chase Bank for 30 years. This was a very risky move but as you can see, this paid off immensely in their favor.

Real Notary Pros has been ranked as the highest rated signing service in the USA for the past two years. They accomplished this feat while maintaining competitive pricing along with superior quality of service.