Careers at Reonomy


Reonomy creates software products for commercial real estate professionals, such as investors and brokers, to help them make informed, data-driven real estate buying decisions.


Reonomy combines public information with its own proprietary data to provide detailed, easy-to-use information on commercial real estate properties including retail, industrial, office, and multifamily buildings. This allows potential buyers and investors to instantly access information that would otherwise take significant amounts of time to research, assemble and analyze.

Data is updated on an “ongoing basis,” and the Reonomy site also includes some information on select single- and two-family homes. Records from public sources are checked and validated. Reonomy’s service helps commercial buyers with two related tasks:

  • Finding Properties – Reonomy helps buyers find and compare hundreds of commercial properties. Users can build lists, find and compare properties in a given neighborhood, and save their searches. The platform provides not only cursory survey data, but also significantly more detailed information on individual properties. This includes price per square footage, as well as detailed data on property condition, zoning information, and any potential past government and regulatory violations associated with the property.
  • Engaging Sellers and Closing on Properties – In addition to providing information about listings, the Reonomy platform helps potential buyers connect with sellers. It provides detailed seller contact information, including name, phone number, and email address. The platform furthermore compiles photos of all the properties owned by a given person. Reonomy’s automated data service provides extensive, validated information about individual listings, and its database includes hundreds of thousands of commercial properties.


Reonomy is headquartered in New York City. It was founded in 2013 by Richard Sarkis and Charlie Oshman. In January 2015, the company raised $15 million in a Series B investing round led by Bain Capital Ventures, bringing its total funding to nearly $19 million.