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RiskIQ protects its customers from threats that are beyond the firewall of a computer. With an aim of securing sensitive data in transit, RiskIQ mitigates external threats which target enterprises, their customers and employees.

Good to know

  • Platform: Provides an outside view of a companys’ digital assets in order to provide a strategic viewpoint where necessary actions can be taken to protect sensitive data on the cloud.
  • Products: Comprises the three products which make up the core of the RiskIQ External Threat Management Platform. The three products are as follows: Discover and Monitor, Research and Investigate, and Detect and Respond. These core products are complemented by a wealth of additional products to ensure custom tailored protection.
  • Solutions: Increases efficiency allowing clients to identify their vulnerabilities in a reduced amount of time. Some of the solutions included are as follows: Cisco, Risk Management, Incident Response, Security Operations, Investigations and Forensics, and Antifraud.


RiskIQ was founded in 2009 based on the idea that more and more sensitive information was being sent over the internet outside of the safety of firewalls. The founders of the company are David Pon, Elias Manousos, Brad Byrd, and Chris Kiernan. The company uses state-of-the-art information technology to investigate vulnerabilities which could target an enterprises’ sensitive data. The service utilizes both a web-based and mobile analyzing technique which can detect threats on both platforms.

Since their founding RiskIQ has been backed by Summit Partners and Battery Ventures, and is also a member of the ISACA and Online Trust Alliance. In a world with increasing amounts of online threats, and technological advances to help mitigate them, RiskIQ puts itself in a position to protect the data of enterprises worldwide.

Along with their security software they offer analytical tools to help reduce costs associated with running a business. The heart of RiskIQ is in protection against code-level threats, phishing, social media attacks, fraud, and malware.

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