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Roehl Transport Inc (“Roehl Transport”) seeks to deliver customers confidence and satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient transportation and logistics services.


Roehl Transport was founded in 1962 by Everett Roehl with just a single truck. 

Everett Roehl expanded the Company’s fleet throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, extending its operational presence across the US, particularly across the southern states.

 In the 1980s, Roehl Transport began providing on-the-job training to commercial driver’s licence (CDL) holders, later opening its own Roehl Transport CDL School.  Training and education continues to be a core pillar of Roehl Transport’s business.

Today, Roehl Transport is one of the largest trucking companies in the US, with a fleet comprising more than 1,900 tractors and over 5,200 trailers.

The Company is consistently listed on the Transport Topics top 100 list as well as in the CCJ Digital lists of the top 250 trucking companies.  Roehl Transport was notably ranked 65th in the 2018 CCJ Digital list. 

Roehl Transport maintains an extensive presence across the US, with major terminal operations in Marshfield and Appleton, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona.

Business model of Roehl Transport

Customer Segments

Roehl Transport provides logistics solutions to a wide range of commercial customers. 

Its core customers can be organised largely into the following groups:

  • Freight and Logistics Companies, including logistics companies, courier service providers, and distribution businesses to which the Company provides consulting and support services;
  • Food Service and Consumer Goods Companies, including producers and retailers of food products, to which the Company provides specialised and refrigerated transportation services;
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Companies, including engineering, construction, and manufacturing businesses across multiple sectors that require efficient and reliable logistics and storage solutions; and 
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies, comprising medical service providers and pharmaceutical producers that require specialised logistics services.

Roehl Transport is headquartered in the US, which is its core operating market.  As noted above, the Company has major terminal operations across Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. 

Roehl Transport does not appear to have any significant international operations.

Value Propositions

Roehl Transport provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • History and Reputation – Roehl Transport has an established reputation for providing high quality logistics services to a broad customer base, and has a positive track record dating back to the 1960s;
  • Reliability and Efficiency – Roehl Transport is dedicated to offering its customers reliable and efficient transportation services, boasting a 98% on-time service record and a claims records of 0.0002;
  • Specialised Services – Roehl Transport provides a range of logistics services that are tailored to the needs of certain clients, including van, refrigerated, flatbed, curtainside, and step deck transport services, as well as cold storage and warehousing solutions;
  • Safety and Accountability – Roehl Transport ensures that safety is a cornerstone of its business, ensuring that its drivers drive safely and responsibly and valuing safety over speed of delivery;
  • Training and Support – Roehl Transport provides on-the-job training to its drivers to ensure that they are adequately prepared for their role, and offers ongoing support and training to ensure that they continue to be at the top of their industry;
  • Ease and Flexibility – Roehl Transport tailors its solutions to the needs of its individual customers and gives customers a single point of contact for all shipping needs to ensure a streamlined customer experience; and
  • High Quality Customer Care – Roehl Transport provides customers with high quality customer service throughout their client relationships, encouraging repeat business.


Roehl Transport provides services directly to customers. 

It negotiates sales and service contracts with clients via its dedicated sales organisation, which operates out of the Company’s various offices across the US. 

The Company’s services are provided primarily via its network of trained drivers and its fleet of trailers and trucks. 

Roehl Transport also operates a network of storage and warehousing facilities. 

Through these facilities the Company is able to provide specialised storage solutions directly to customers. 

Roehl Transport additionally offers services via a network of logistics and transportation companies across the US, that offer logistics and storage services to customers in partnership with or on behalf of the Company.

Customer Relationships

Roehl Transport seeks to establish long-term relationships with its customers, securing a position as a preferred provider of logistics services over an extended contract period. 

The Company works closely with its customers, entering prolonged discussion and negotiations to ensure that clients receive solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. 

Roehl Transport operates a website at, through which it provides information regarding its operations on a self-service basis. 

This includes information on its solutions, its operating locations, its values and record, and its leadership. 

The Company also publishes a range of resources, including terms of use, affiliations, and regulatory oversight.

Roehl Transport provides its customers with updates and company news via a blog hosted by its website, as well as via its various social media accounts, including with YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

These channels also serve as a means of providing support and customer service. 

Key Activities

Roehl Transport is a US-based trucking and logistics company headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin. 

The Company provides a wide range of national transportation and logistics services and is one of the largest trucking companies in the US. 

Roehl Transport offers a variety of transportation services, including  van, refrigerated, flatbed, curtainside, step deck, overdimensional, LTL, and intermodal logistics services, as well as cold storage and warehousing solutions. 

The Company has more than 2,500 employees, and operates a fleet of more than 2,000 tractor trailers and 5,000 trailers. 

Roehl Transport has major terminal operations in Marshfield and Appleton, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona.

Key Partners

Roehl Transport works closely with a wide range of partner companies and organisations to ensure that it is able to provide effective solutions. 

These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Vendor and Service Partners, including providers of third-party services that support the Company’s corporate operations across the US;
  • Logistics and Transport Partners, comprising a range of transportation and logistics providers that provide services on behalf of or in partnership with Roehl Transport;
  • Training and Education Partners, comprising various industry and academic partners with which the Company partners in developing and implementing driver training and education programs;
  • Community Partners, comprising various non-profits and charitable organisations with which the Company collaborates on community and social projects across the US;
  • Strategic and Alliance Partners, comprising various other commercial enterprises and organisations with which the Company collaborates on business development, marketing, and other projects.

Roehl Transport has a number of partnerships in place. 

This includes a training partnerships with McCann School of Business and Rock Valley Truck Driver Training, and a data tie-up with Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Key Resources

Roehl Transport’s business model depends on its ability to provide efficient and reliable logistics and storage solutions. 

As such, the Company’s key resources are its fleet of trailers and tractors, its drivers and personnel, its storage and logistics infrastructure, its network of partners, and its IT and communications infrastructure. 

The Company notably owns and or leases major terminal operations in Marshfield and Appleton, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Cost Structure

Roehl Transport incurs costs in relation to the operation of its fleet of vehicles – including fuel and maintenance costs, the procurement of third-party services, the operation of its logistics and storage infrastructure and office network – including utility and occupancy costs, the management of its partnerships, the implementation of marketing programs, the payment of salaries and benefits to its personnel, and the maintenance and development of its IT and communications infrastructure.

Revenue Streams

Roehl Transport generates revenue through the provision of logistics and transportation services – including specialist solutions such as refrigerated transport – as well as the provision of storage and warehousing services. 

The Company derives its revenue under sales and service contracts that are agreed directly with customers on a case-by-case basis. 

Roehl Transport is a privately-owned company and, as such, it is not obliged to disclose its financial results to the public. 

Online corporate profiles, however, suggest that the Company generated USD 379.62 million in total annual revenue for 2018, down marginally on the USD 384.47 million recorded by the Company in 2017.  The bulk of the Company’s revenue is attributed to its logistics services.

Our team

Rick Roehl,
Chief Executive Officer

info: Rick Roehl (“Roehl”) serves as Chief Executive Officer and President since 2002. He is responsible for leading the Company’s overall strategic direction and for coordinating between the Company’s Board of Directors and its senior executive leadership team. Roehl has spent the entirety of his career at Roehl Logistics, having first joined the Company under the leadership of his father. Having received a degree in Accounting from North Central Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin he became a truck fleet Owner Operator, leasing his trucks to Roehl Transport. He has since held a number of leadership positions at Roehl Transport, including spells as Fleet Manager, Load Planner, and Chief Operating Officer.

Steve Wykle,
Vice President of Finance

info: Steve Wykle (“Wykle”) has served as Vice President of Finance at Roehl Transport since 2002. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing all of Roehl Transport’s financial management operations, including the activities of its accounting, tax, and internal audits departments. Wykle additionally serves as President of Roehl Transport related company Roehl logistics Inc. Wykle began his career in 1978, when he joined accounting firm Arthur Andersen and Company. He held several roles at the firm over six years, culminating in a spell as a manager. In 1984, he joined Joerns Healthcare, where he held roles of increasing responsibility over a spell of 16 years, including a spell as the company’s Vice President of Finance and Customer Service.

Kevin Nixon,
President of Flatbed and Specialised

info: Kevin Nixon (“Nixon”) has served as President of Flatbed and Specialised at Roehl Transport since joining the Company in 2016. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing the Company’s flatbed and specialised logistics operations. Between 1985 and 1992, Nixon held several positions within the US Army. In 1992, he joined Schneider National as CS Director, later also assuming the role of Regional Operations Director. Between 2006 and 2009, Nixon served consecutively as Vice President of Operations at CRST Malone as Vice President of Operations at CT Transportation LLC. He went on to serve as President at CCC Transportation and Commercial Carrier Logistics LLC and later WSE Transportation, Willis Shaw Logistics. Prior to joining Roehl Transport, Nixon served in a customer development role at Warehouse Specialists Inc for more than two years.