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Rubicon Global’s goal is to create more sustainable solutions for businesses and the world.


Rubicon Global was founded in Kentucky by Nate Morris (CEO), Marc Spiegel, Lane Moore, and Hank Dudgeon in 2008 as a cloud-based sustainability-focused waste and recycling company. Nate Morris and Marc Spiegel were long-time friends who attended Eastern High School in Louisville. Rubicon Global is, however, currently based in Atlanta.

The name Rubicon was inspired by Julius Caesar marching his army across the Rubicon River in his quest to seize Rome. In the same way Caesar made history and conquered changed the world and changed history, Rubicon Global was going to revolutionize waste management and change the world.

Rubicon Global works with clients to realize cost-savings and identify inefficiencies in their waste stream in order to develop innovative ways to recycle, re-use, and reduce their waste. In order to increase efficiency, Rubicon Global came up with a mobile app that provides on-demand trash pickup from the Company’s clients.

In 2008, while Nate Morris was studying in Princeton at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, he and his long-time friend Marc Spiegel began exploring business ideas. This was in reaction to the plunging market that year and the concern that job prospects had been compromised.

Marc Spiegel’s family had been in the waste disposal business for a long time and after analyzing the business and informing Morris on its specifics, the duo came to the realization most waste disposal companies owned landfills. This was how these companies generated their profits, by charging fees for the use of their landfills.

If they were going to join the business and penetrate the market, they would have to take a very different approach. They decided to approach waste management and generate their revenue, not by owning a landfill, but by avoiding landfill altogether. This would be a two-birds-one-stone approach since they would be generating revenue and preserving the environment all at the same time, an edge that no other waste management company had at the time.

It’s a simple but very effective business model, it entails a reduction in assets such as collection trucks and land and maximization on profits through the recycling and reduction of waste that ends up in landfills.

Morris and Spiegel approached a real estate agent form Washington, Hank Dudgeon, who is the current Director of Business Development at Rubicon. Hank Dudgeon introduced Nate Morris to a CEO of an undisclosed nationally successful pizza company. After pitching his idea on how Rubicon would help the pizza company reduce its waste expenses, the CEO offered the budding company a contract, Rubicon was in business.

Rubicon benefited from the support of John Ashcroft, the Attorney General in George Bush’s era and Perry Moss, a veteran in the waste management industry. In January 2009 Rubicon Global received an undisclosed amount in seed funding and a further $5 million in July 2012 from Rotunda Capital Partners, Peter Kellner, Brown-Forman Corp., among other investors.

On January 2015, Rubicon Global received $32 million from investors Jaws Ventures, Auren Hoffman, QuarterMoore, Barry Sternlicht, Marc Benioff, among others. On September 2015, the Company received $58 million from venture capital firms and investors led by Nima Capital, Andrew Jassy, Elliott Bisnow, Emerson Collective, and even environmental enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rubicon Global has also announced that through its services, clients’ waste bills are reduced by between 20 to 30 percent and all this is done with tremendous benefit to the environment. With such incentive it is only a matter of time before the Company is serving clients all through the United States and possibly even across the world.

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