Careers at Sanmina


Sanmina is a provider of integrated manufacturing solutions, components, products and repair, logistics and after-market services to the original equipment manufacturer market.


Sanmina was founded in 1980 by Jure Sola (“Sola”) and Milan Mandaric. It initially operated as a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. The Company, however, diversified its product line during the 1980s to include components such as backplanes and subassemblies for the communications sector, which remains one of its principal markets.

Sanmina continued to grow throughout 1990s, completing a number of acquisitions which further developed the Company’s capabilities.

In 2001 Sanmina merged with SCI Systems in a deal worth a reported $6 billion. The Company went on to make key acquisitions during the 2000s, including that of E-M Solutions and Viking Networks, establishing its position as a key player within the components manufacturing market.

Sanmina is today one of the leading operators in its field, providing a range of products, services and solutions to customers across multiple industries and jurisdictions. The Company’s shares have been traded on the NASDAQ since 1993, which currently records Sanmina’s market capitalisation as $2.15 billion.

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Business model of Sanmina

Customer Segments

Sanmina principally provides services to original equipment manufacturers operating in the communications, computing and storage, multimedia, industrial and semiconductor, defence and aerospace, medical, automotive, and energy sectors.

According to its annual report, the Company has historically generated a substantial proportion of its revenue from companies within the communications industry. While these customers are not limited by jurisdiction, the US remains the Company’s largest single market.

Sanmina serves a number of returning customers. In all of the past three years around 50% of the Company’s total annual net sales was generated by its ten largest customers. No single customer, however, accounts for more than 10% of the Company’s annual revenue.

Value Propositions

In providing original equipment manufacturers, it is crucial that Sanmina’s products and services are reliable and effective as their use in third party products will reflect directly upon the Company’s customers.

As such, quality is the key value that Sanmina provides to its customers.

Having been established more than 30 years ago, Sanmina is an established name within the industry and has cultivated a reputation as an efficient and reliable performer, both in terms of its products and its ancillary services, and more recently its computing and storage solutions.

The Company’s diverse range of products and services is indicative of its commitment to innovation.


Sanmina operates a website at where customers are able to access information on the Company’s products and services. Sales however are made either through one of Sanmina’s sales teams directly or through an authorised distributor.

Customer Relationships

While it is possible for customers to browse Sanmina’s products and services on its website, purchases cannot be made on a self-service basis. Instead, customers must contact the relevant regional sales team directly to discuss their individual requirements.

Typically, major customers will negotiate a supply agreement with Sanmina that range from between three and five years. As part of these contracts the Company provides support services and technical assistance.

Sanmina interacts with its customers directly through its social media presence, comprising Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, and keeps customers updated with company developments through its website’s news section.

Key Activities

Sanmina Corporation serves the original equipment manufacturing market with a range of integrated manufacturing solutions, manufacturing components and products and various after-market services.

Sanmina’s operations are managed as two businesses:

  • Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, comprising printed circuit board assembly and test, final system assembly and test, and direct-order-fulfillment; and
  • Components, Products and Services, comprising development and sale of interconnect systems, mechanical systems, non-volatile DIMMs, solid state drives, DRAM solutions, defense and aerospace products, storage and optical products, and Radio Frequency modules.

It also provides direct order fulfillment and logistics services, after-market product support, and global supply chain management solutions.

The Company principally serves customers within the communications networks, computing and storage, multimedia, industrial and semiconductor capital equipment, defense and aerospace, medical, clean technology, and automotive industries.

Key Partners

Sanmina collaborates with a range of companies in order to provide its customers with the most efficient and reliable service possible.

The Company operates several partner programs to manage its relationships with supplier partners, manufacturing partners and logistics partners. These include the Vendor Consigned Inventory Program, the Supplier Managed Inventory Program, and the Release to Forecast Program.

Partners are granted access to the Partner Connect service through which they are able to respond to requests for new purchase orders, receive forecasts, and review real time inventory information for Consigned Inventory programs. Sanmina has recently partnered with Nokia for the delivery of data centre solutions, Ouraring for the development of a wearable sleep-aid device, and with Brighter to produce a connected diabetes device.

Key Resources

Sanmina’s key resources are its technology and product designs, its manufacturing facilities and supply chain partners, its distribution and sales networks – including warehousing and logistics facilities, its IT infrastructure and its personnel. Searches of records held by the US Patent and Trademark office identified eight patent applications filed in Sanmina’s name.

These include applications for a ‘Side loading enclosure for a rack mount type storage unit’, a ‘Fast startup hybrid memory module’ and a ‘Retaining clip for use with a mass storage device’.

Cost Structure

Sanmina incurs costs in relation to the management and operation of its manufacturing facilities – including acquisition of supplies, the development and research of product designs, the distribution and storage of its products, the maintenance of its IT infrastructure, and the retention of its personnel – which number more than 40,000 worldwide.

The Company also operates offices and sales centre in more than 25 countries, which accrue costs in the form of rent and utilities.

Revenue Streams

Sanmina derives revenue from the sale of manufacturing services, components and other products, as well as through the provision of order fulfillment, logistic and repair services. The Company operates two business units but has only one reportable segment: its Integrated Manufacturing Systems business, comprising printed circuit board assembly and test, final system assembly and test, and direct-order-fulfillment. The Company’s Components, Products and Services business comprises multiple operating segments which do not meet the requirements to be presented as reportable segments in their own right. As such, financial information for these segments is presented in a single category.

In 2015 Sanmina generated $6.37 billion in annual revenue, up from $6.22 in 2014. The Company’s Integrated Manufacturing Systems segment accounted for around 80% of its total annual revenue, with the remaining 20% made up by Sanmina’s Components.

Products and Services business. Typically, the Company generates around 80% of its net sales from foreign operations across Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Our team

Jure Sola,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

info: Jure has served as Chief Executive Officer since 1991 and began his second spell as Chairman in 2002. Sola’s first position within the Company was Vice President of Sales. He was appointed Vice President and General Manager of the Company in 1987, taking on responsibility for Sanmina’s sales and marketing operations, and in 1989 was elected director and President of the Company. He has since relinquished the title of President. Sola has previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Altron, which Sanmina acquired in 1998, and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Essex AB, which the Company acquired in 2000.

Bob Eulau,
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

info: Bob has served as Sanmina’s Vice President Chief Financial Officer since 2009. He has held a number of roles within the finance and marketing space in a career spanning more than 20 years. He began his career in 1985, when he joined Hewlett Packard. He held a number of roles at the company before rising to the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of its Business Customer organisation. Eulau left Hewlett Packard in 2001, after 16years at the company. He joined Rambus that same year, serving as its Chief Financial Officer until 2006. Prior to joining Sanmina, Eulau served for two years as Chief Operating Officer at Alien Technology.

Charles Kostalnick,
Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer

info: Charles was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Sanmina in 2013. He has held a number of senior executive positions, having begun his career in sales and marketing roles. His first role was as an area sales manager at Marshall Industries, a position he held from 1988 to 1999. He went on to serve briefly as an area sales manager at Avnet, before joining Arrow Electronics as Vice President of Original Equipment Manufacturer Sales in 1999. Kostalnick joined Bell Microproducts in 2005, serving as Senior Vice President of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions and President of North America in a five-year spell at the Company. Prior to joining Sanmina, Kostalnick served as Senior Vice President of Avnet Embedded at Avnet.