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Dedicated to helping small businesses, associations, and non-profits create and build lasting customer relationships


Founded in New York City in 2010, SinglePlatform is a tool that allows small, local businesses to publish content online, about their services and products, across a range of media platforms, search engines, mobile apps, travel guides and review websites. The company’s value lies in providing an easy way for small enterprises to publish information online and build customer relationships across a whole range of platforms. SinglePlatform’s key value lies in the increase in convenience for small business owners who may not have the time to manage multiple platforms and advertising channels.

Prior to founding SinglePlatform, Wiley Cerilli was Executive Vice-President and Head of Sales at ARAMARK Corporation. At ARAMARK, Cerilli played a major role in making the company’s SeamlessWeb product a success. Sensing that there was a niche for a one-stop-shop for small businesses to manage their digital presence, Cerilli left ARAMARK in January 2010 to start his new company.

Through several rounds of funding, Cerilli raised $4.5 million for SinglePlatform. First Round Capital was the first investor in the new company. The venture capital firm contributed $1.2 million to its first round of financing. The company faced the daunting prospect of slow sales in its first year, as potential customers showed a lack of interest and publishers began to ignore the platform.

SinglePlatform overcame these obstacles through a number of pivotal decisions, including firing ineffective salespeople, bringing in a new COO and forming partnerships with FourSquare and Yellow Pages. Within two years, SinglePlatform acquired 10,000 businesses and grew to a staff of 60 people.

As the company grew, investors wanted a greater share of the pie. During a second round of funding, SinglePlatform was approached by Constant Contact. The marketing company made an offer that Cerilli could not refuse. Constant Contact offered $100 million for the company in 2012. The acquisition included a $60 million offer upfront. Cerilli was also made Vice President at Constant Contact as part of the deal.

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