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SmartRecruiters seeks to help those looking for a job, match companies with talent for their projects, and make the hiring process rewarding and effective.

Product Segments

  • SMB Bundle: Offers comprehensive recruiting and talent acquisition software for small businesses with up to 100 full time employees.
  • Corporate Bundle: Provides the next step in recruitment and talent acquisition for mid-sized companies with up to 2,500 full time employees, additional features are available for this bundle.
  • Enterprise Bundle: Provides the top tier of talent acquisition and recruitment for large companies with over 2,500 employees, and additional features which are specifically tailored to the needs of a large enterprise.


SmartRecruiters was founded in 2010 by Jerome Ternynck, and has had a vision of reinventing a $400-billion industry since they began to operate as a recruitment firm. The companys’ goal is to make the hiring process more efficient for both the employee, and the employer. By matching businesses with the skill that they need and employees with a job that they love, everyday business operations can be made much more effective.

The company uses a recruitment platform which is implemented through the use of cloud servers to improve the ability to connect employer to employee. Included in their software offering is a mobile application which makes the recruitment process portable and accessible anywhere you go. SmartRecruiters offers their software to businesses based on the amount of full time employees they have in order to make the process cost effective and reliable.

When the company was founded by Jerome Ternynck, he created it with a vision that the hiring process could be enhanced with the application of emerging technologies. Through the use of comprehensive talent acquisition and matching techniques, companies can find employees who have the passion and motivation to be successful.

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