Careers at Sol Systems


The mission of Sol Systems is to provide clients with opportunities to acquire or invest in solar assets.


Two friends started Sol Systems in 2008 as a firm specialized in aggregating and financing solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) – a relatively new environmental commodity at the time. In the early years they focused primarily on developing a market in SRECs that would keep transaction costs down and make it possible for residential energy utilities to acquire solar assets.

The company introduced its commercial and small utility finance and development business in 2012. In the last couple of years it has also worked increasingly with corporate customers to develop customized financial and technological solar solutions for them. From a few dozen residential customers in the early years, Sol’s customer base has grown to over 7,000 commercial and residential customers today.

Since its founding, Sol Systems has evolved into an end-to-end solar energy finance and development company which provides the following services:

For Commercial Energy Customers

  • Solar energy solutions (onsite and offsite) for corporate and institutional customers interested in securing long-term sustainable energy and savings

For Solar Developers

  • Capital for development or acquisition of, or equity investment in, solar projects

For Solar Investors (Insurance Companies, Banks, Corporations)

  • Management of tax equity investments in solar energy
  • Development of solar assets on behalf of tax-efficient investor clients

For Solar System Owners

  • Aggregation and financing of environmental commodities

Over the last eight years, Sol Systems has delivered solar projects to a business clientele that runs the gamut from Fortune 100 companies to small enterprises. Municipalities, utilities, universities and churches also rely on Sol Systems to manage solar energy assets on their behalf. The company is employee-owned, with a strong tradition of corporate giving, and a forward-looking vision for the development of the solar industry.

Benefits at Sol Systems